Swedish Retailer Steps Out Of Fashion Magazines, Into Denver

Written by Brooke Wagner

A few years ago, I remember picking a little girls’ dress out of a parenting magazine and thinking how cute it was – and I couldn’t believe the low price. Often, the dresses featured cost in the hundreds of dollars — even for children! H&M was listed as the designer. I looked it up online, because I had never heard of the company.

Well, by now, pretty much everyone in Denver has heard of the Swedish clothing retailer, which actually has been around for decades.

Still, I’ve never been in an H&M store – until yesterday. It’s a shiny new, two story space (formerly Niketown), packed with lots of neutral options and pops of color almost anyone can wear.

Pieces cost from $5 to $500 (for the high designer collaboratives) for womens, childrens, and mens lines. The store takes being on-trend very seriously.

And, judging from the lines to get into the new Denver Pavillions store, so do many Colorado fashionistas!

H&M representative Pansy Tolou gave Jane Monreal and me a look at some of her favorite pieces, including a bright orange dress from the “Conscious Collection” of pieces made of 100% recycled materials.

The dress would work for just about any holiday occassion, and is priced at $35.

A gorgeous white tuxedo jacket was $59.
Faux leather boots and jeans, around $30.

They also have career wear – a man’s suit, for instance, runs about $250 total. Camel coat, $49.

Children’s pieces were around $14.99 for pants and sweaters.

What H&M says makes the brand different is the cutting edge fashion at low prices. November’s incoming designer line is by Versace.

If you’re not sure if you want to brave the crowd and the Downtown Pavillions parking, check the store out online to see if it’s your thing and worth the time commitment to you. Just do a search to see some of the designs, but keep in mind, the store does not ship. Here’s a link to their website: hm.com/us

Most of the stores are currently in coastal cities, but H&M is branching out more into Middle American — kind of like fellow Swedish chain IKEA!

On a different bargain topic this week, I heard from Harkins Northfield Theatres at Stapleton about a deal for “Twilight” fans.

The theatre is hosting a marathon leading up to the premiere of “Breaking Dawn – Part One.”

You can watch all of the movies in a row, starting at 4 p.m. on Nov. 17, and culminating with the midnight premiere of the new movie.

For $30, you’ll get admission to all four movies, two small popcorns, soda refills, and a Twilight goodie bag.

If you’re interested, you can get tickets at the theatre, or through this link: www.harkinstheatres.com

Next week, I’ll be talking with one of the nation’s foremost Black Friday experts — stay tuned for his advice!

I’d also like to thank our veterans for their service and sacrifice. None of us should ever forget the courage and importance of these fine Americans.


Watch Brooke Wagner’s video reports for this story below:


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