DENVER (CBS4) – Crocs is best known for its comfy shoes, but the Colorado company also does plenty to give back to the community.

On Tuesday the company passed out food and shoes to needy families in Denver. The money for the giveaway came from Crocs customers. They’ve donated $30,000 over the past year for the Crocs Cares Project.

Over the years Crocs has given food and shoes to children around the world.

  1. No longer a Crocs buyer says:

    I just purchased my last pair of Crocs after noticing on the bottom of the shoe they are stamped with “made in China”. I refuse to purchase items not made in the USA, if Croc really cares bring the jobs back to the USA. You’ve lost a faithful customer of many years, I never realized that your products are made in China and not in the USA. Since I haven’t wore the shoes I’m taking them back to the store for a full refund, as a matter of fact I bought Crocs for several friends for Christmas and they are also going back. I’ll buy gifts that are made in the Country I live in and support.

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