DENVER (CBS4) – Occupy Denver protesters moved through downtown Denver to support Bank Transfer Day on Saturday.

The protesters were urging customers to drop accounts with large financial institutions. They claim large banks put profit over the interests of customers.

Protesters moved out of Civic Center Park and into Skyline Park to show respect for the Veterans Day parade and ceremony.

The crowd was actually very small in Skyline Park — perhaps dozens of people — up until the rally at noon, just before protesters marched around downtown. Then the crowd grew to a few hundred.

Support from mall-goers has been mixed. Some who are curious say they’ll still keep their distance.

“It’s kind of interesting that the people here are so vocal. I’m from Texas and you don’t see this very often,” Skyler McLaurin said.

Frank Epperson is a rickshaw driver on the 16th Street Mall who said the crowd has actually helped his business.

When protestors have been asked to move cooking equipment and tents, he said he and other drivers actually made dozens of trips to help them move.

occupy moving map transfer Occupy Denver Protesters Move To Support Bank Transfer Day

(credit: CBS)

Gigi’s Cupcakes has a stand a block away from the Federal Reserve, a known target of Occupy Denver. The crowds have meant more cupcake sales.

Eventually the march moved away from the mall, stopping in front of major financial institutions to protest. They made their way back to Civic Center Park.

Earlier this week about 300 members of the Colorado Progressive Coalition closed their accounts at a major bank to protest what they called abusive foreclosure proceedings and deceptive lending practices.

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  1. Are You Seriou says:

    Who cares?

  2. Ghreb says:

    Sounds interesting! Do you take avcite 80 year old people? We would like Saturdays only my wife and I are both interested. We would prefer Cherry Creek or South Platt. We currently ride a lot and thought this would be a chance to ride even more while giving back to the community.

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