DENVER (CBS4)– The Veterans Administration is trying to get the homeless veterans off the streets in the Denver metro area during the winter months.

Buses brought hundreds of homeless vets to the Army National Guard Armory on Thursday. They received a hot meal, sleeping bags and new clothes.

All the supplies were donated to help them get through the cold winter months.

The VA also offered job placement advice and housing help to try to get some of them off the streets for good.

“They can really get started and get back on their life. And sometimes it takes a little bit and sometimes there are dips in the road. But nonetheless, we want to introduce some to the programs that we have and we want to provide some items they need as well as a hot meal,” said Veterans Administration spokeswoman Rebecca Sawyer Smith.

VA officials said most of the vets they see are from the Vietnam War. They said veterans from more recent conflicts have a harder time admitting they need help.

Comments (2)
  1. August says:

    How about IMMEDIATE REAL HOUSING with privacy & keys, REAL TRADE/CAREER CERTIFICATIONS, and REAL JOBS so the veterans can pay for that housing & THRIVE?

  2. August says:

    The problem is the homeless veterans have already gone through the VA’S 12-Step religious cult treatment programs a dozen times before AND WHEN FINISHED….STILL HOMELESS, UNTRAINED, and NO JOB….and labeled for life in their medical records CRAZY, ADDICTED, and ALCOHOLICS (even when they are not).

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