SUPERIOR, Colo. (CBS4) – A Good Samaritan pulled two young women from a wrecked vehicle, moments before it was struck by an RTD bus.

It was the beginning of a series of car crashes shut down the Boulder Turnpike overnight for several hours.

An SUV lost control and slid into the median near the Louisville and Superior exits, rolled several times and came to a stop in the middle of the highway. Moments later, an RTD bus that didn’t have any passengers on it couldn’t stop and slammed into it. A pickup then struck the same SUV.

A driver who saw the first accident involving the SUV stopped and pulled two women from the vehicle and moved them out of danger into his car. That’s when an RTD bus struck the SUV.

The driver who pulled the women to safety was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher when the bus struck the SUV. He described a chaotic situation:

Caller: “there were some girls in the car and I pulled them out and got them on the side, on my side now, but the car is still in the middle of the road and I’m scared a car is going to hit it.”

911 Dispatch: “Yeah. Just stay out of traffic. I got some people on the way to help you out, okay?”

Caller: “Oh! Oh, a bus just hit it! A bus just hit it! An RTD bus!”

911 Dispatch: “An RTD bus just hit the other vehicle?”

Caller: “An RTD bus just hit it.”

911 Dispatch: “Get off the street as far as you can, Rudy.”

So far, that man is only known as Rudy.

No one was seriously injured. The young women only suffered some scrapes and bruises. The drivers of both the pickup and bus were okay.

Officials with the Colorado State Patrol and other agencies were warning drivers on Thursday that the roads might look dry but there are often slick spots drivers can’t see well.

Comments (2)
  1. Holly Hunt says:

    Your guyses coverage of my car crash sucks.

  2. Darby Wing says:

    Now the RTD has the gall to send her a bill for the damage their driver caused to their bus. Their driver was cleartly at fault for crashing into a stationary object in the road. What if their had been no wreck and the car was sitting parked behing a row of cars in traffic and the bus driver rear-ended them? The driver slammed into a stationary object in a lane that was marked for passing only (no less).

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