ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS) – Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow was in good spirits on Friday talking about a new Internet sensation that bears his name.

During an interview in the Broncos locker room in the team’s Dove Valley headquarters Tebow said he’s pleased to see people taking a pose of his and making it their own through photos posted online — a brand new fad known as “Tebowing.”

FULL STORY: ‘Tebowing’ Becomes An Internet Sensation

Tebow said he feels like there’s really no harm with the trend, even though some might be doing it in a mocking way. He pointed to the serious aspects of what his taking a knee and praying after games is all about:

“If I can help be an example of that, then I look at that as a blessing. Yes some people don’t necessarily take it seriously, but you know, they’re on a knee praying. So who knows what you’re going to think about after that, how that can affect you and hopefully it’s just a good example for people,” Tebow said.

“It’s not my job to see what people’s reasons are behind it. But I know, like a kid that tweeted me with cancer and said, ‘I’m Tebowing while I’m chemoing.’ How cool is that? That’s worth it right there for that kid. If that gives him any encouragement or just puts a smile on his face or gives him encouragement to pray, then that’s really awesome and that’s completely worth it for me.”

Tebow said he is shocked by how quickly the online craze has taken off. When his teammate Von Miller told him he had posted a photo on his Twitter page of him Tebowing Tebow called Miller a “goofball.”

Broncos Coach John Fox was glad on Friday that he even know what Tebowing was when pressed by a reporter for a comment on the new fad.

“I’m glad I did my research on what exactly that is. I’m not sure it’s totally original, not taking anything away from Tim. I know he’s got outstanding popularity, but whatever you call it, I’ve taken a knee many times on late field goals or those types of things in my football career.”

Comments (5)
  1. Blue says:

    Cowboys and PBR bull riders have done this for years upon years, not a T thing at all.

  2. Margaret Rodgers Norris says:

    Our son Joey is the Tebowing wihile Chemoing kid. Joey has been fighting leukemia for over 3 years now and has at least 2 and a half years left. Cancer treatment has left him alternately wheelchair bound, out of school and off his football team. Thursday, 10/27, he was completely disheartened b/c chemo hadn’t gone wel, he had to miss another day of school and life just basically sucked. However, he and Dad had already submitted “Tebowing while Chemoing” and when Tebowing.com posted that and Tim Tebow Tweeted….Well, I wish everyone of you reading this could have been in our house. Joey revived and became more like a 13 year old than a kid old before his time. Thank you Tim Tebow. Thank you.

    1. Jenny Park says:

      That is awesome! I definitely would have loved to be in your house to see/hear that!! Thank you for sharing Joey’s story! My nephew is 2+ years into his treatments and got to meet Tim at a Florida game. It lifted his spirits so much, too! God Bless you and your sweet family. I’ll be lifting Joey up in prayer!!

  3. Karen Pennington says:

    Tebow has a right to thank whomever for his success-he has done nothing to detract from the game- he has made it better! I just hope that the Denver Bronco administration realizes what an all-around great athlete and person they have in Tim—if they don’t, some other football team could soon be “tebowing” instead of Denver!

  4. Dave says:

    So Tebow’s imaginary diety let him down today. How sad.

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