LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4)– Loveland is one of the many areas in Northern Colorado hit hard by power outages. Some people said their neighborhood looks like a war zone because of all the toppled trees.

The sound of chainsaws was heard through many neighborhoods early Wednesday. But for some, the day started in the middle of the night.

“This tree came down at 2:30 this morning and woke up the whole neighborhood,” said Loveland resident Jim Hubbard. “Kind of like a war zone.”

Streets were closed when power lines dipped across the roadways. Some cars were buried under heavy tree limbs covered with snow.

“It destroyed his van,” said Loveland resident Dixie Amery.

The widespread power outages kept most people indoors and bundled up together. Power was out across much of Loveland and Greeley, two areas with some of the most snow accumulation.

“We came over here this morning because her oxygen has been off because her power is off,” said Loveland resident Leah Alvarez after she checked on her grandmother.


Xcel Energy was reporting 107,000 customers without power Wednesday afternoon. That included 12,500 for the Berthoud, Loveland suburbs, Windsor and Platteville areas.

Many businesses were closed. In downtown Loveland, the snow’s weight snapped a tree, which pulled down a power line and then bent a utility pole.

Some found a little bit of fun among the mess.

“We’re throwing snowballs at each other. Watching the branches fall from the trees,” said Loveland resident Mike Hernandez.


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