DENVER (CBS4)– With the snow tapering off, crews in Denver are focusing on keeping the roads from icing up overnight.

All 68 plows have been on Denver’s main streets since Tuesday night’s rain turned into snow.

“These people have been on for 12 hours and this gives us a chance to say thank you,” said Denver Mayor Michael Hancock as he handed out pizza to road crews Wednesday afternoon.

Recent warm temperatures have kept the snow from piling up on the roads, but it will be a different story when those temps start to drop.

“We do get wet streets that will freeze and they are deceptive because you think they’re dry and they’re actually a thin layer of ice,” said Denver Public Works spokeswoman Ann Williams.


Crews will work 12 hour shifts once again, putting down liquid de-icer and ice slicer to keep the roads from getting slick.

“It didn’t stick this time around, but we’ll be ready when it does,” said Hancock.


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