DENVER (CBS4) – While the line for tickets to see the president’s Wednesday speech on Denver’s Auraria campus stretched around the Starz Film Center box office, some in the line shared mixed opinions about where the country is headed.

President Barack Obama’s speech in Denver on Wednesday will be his second in the city this fall.

Last month the president visited Denver’s Lincoln High School to promote his jobs plan. On Wednesday he’ll do the same thing at the Auraria Campus, and students have high expectations.

“I really hope he addresses the issue of education funding,” said Monique Gallegos, one of the hundreds of people in the line for tickets. “I’d really like to see education be more of a priority.”

“I don’t see what I feel like he said we would see by now. That’s kind of the problem, but he might change my mind, so we’ll see,” said Alisha Page, another student in line.

Obama is set to fly into Denver on Air Force One on Tuesday evening. He has two fundraisers planned in the evening at the Pepsi Center.

Tickets for the speech on Wednesday morning have sold out. CBS4 will live stream the speech, which starts at approximately 10:45 a.m.

Several road closures are set to go into effect in downtown Denver with the president’s visit:

– Arapahoe Street will be blocked from 13th to 15th
– Lawrence will be closed from from Speer to 15th
– 14th will be shut down between Larimer and Curtis.

The closures are expected to stay in place until noon on Wednesday.

Comments (2)
  1. Jesse Jackson says:

    Those Metro State Grads with Degrees in Chicano/ Chicana, Gender , studies would like their debt forgiven or reduced? “I deserve a free education”! Free healthcare,free weed!

    These are the Obama Zombies.. Protesting in the park, Wondering why they don`t have a six figure job and a new Lexus! The Art History ,Dance and Theatre majors..They going to the $5000 fund raiser? The head Coon flying around in the jet like he Beyonce and Jay Zee!

  2. Darryl Bush says:

    The Denver Police Department is using RTD buses for roadblocks during the Presidential visit. That is the best use of an RTD bus yet!

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