FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – A Fort Collins man is in custody and accused of sexually assaulting young girls.

James William Swets is in jail on a $100,000 bond. Investigators say most of the cases involve inappropriate touching. Swets is also accused of giving alcohol and cigarettes to juveniles.

Swets’ father is Bill Swets, the man behind the Swetsville Zoo metallic sculptures in Tinmath just east of Fort Collins.

Investigators working on the case said they fear there could be more victims.

  1. Mert says:

    Hi Brian!We still miss you at KIRO! Speaking of KIRO, their new BORING host in the 9 to noon slot, Alan Prell did not discuss the tsrroriet attack until the 11:00 hour. Before then he had to get to his important topics such as pushing Sudafed to be purchased by prescription only. When he wasn’t talking to “Miss Annie” and he giggled like a woman. Yesterday, it was really interesting. He was polling the audience on their favorite flavor of ice cream! REALLLY IMPORTANT!!Alan has really contributed to Rush’s high ratings.Penny and EdEdmonds, WA

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