DENVER (CBS4)– About 100 anti-police protesters filled the streets of downtown Denver Saturday night. They carried signs and chanted during their demonstration.

Police suited up in their riot gear as some of the demonstrations turned destructive. Protesters broke a bank window along the 16th Street Mall.

One person was arrested for defacing public property for putting stickers near the mall.

It is unclear who the group represents or whether they are separate from the Occupy Denver protesters.

There were Marvin Booker supporters in the crowd. Booker died July 9, 2010, at the age of 56 after deputies held him down and tased him at the Denver City Jail.

The group started marching from the Denver Zoo in City Park, where a man died this summer after a scuffle with police and zoo security.

On Friday, Alonzo Ashley’s death was ruled a homicide by the coroner. Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey said charges will not be filed in the case because the coroner calls it a “medical judgement.” He states it is not meant to suggest there was intent to harm or use excessive force or legal culpability, but that it is a homicide.

The group ended their march at Civic Center Park.

Comments (9)
  1. Hick Sucks! says:

    Where is Hick and when is he going to take responsibility and do his job? These criminals are breaking the law! They are most likely a product of the Occupy losers who continue to break the law each day by sleeping on sidewalks, urinating, defecating in public, drugs…

    Hick – these degenerates are ruining the local economy. Women, children and families are afraid to come downtown.

    Hick you have failed the citizens of Denver – you suck! Take a hike!

    1. Ed says:

      A lot of twisted logic going on in your comment. You condemn without knowing the facts. Hickenlooper has done fair and wondreful things as Mayor and now Governor. He’s reached out to republicans and I’m proud of him. Denver Police aren’t respected by other Police Depts in Colorado. Try to keep and open mind and suggest positive things we all can do to make Denver a better city, Hate never helps from either side.

    2. Douglas Champiny says:

      Downtown sucks anyway. If the “economy” can’t handle counter arguments and criticism, it’s doomed anyway.

  2. Dump people says:

    Ed and Douglas both sound like idiots trapped in the suburbs.

    1. Mike says:

      I agree, the only thing worse is to be trapped downtown with the lowlife that DPD has to deal with everyday.

  3. We Love Downtown says:

    Downtown Denver is Amazing – culture, arts, dining, entertainment and the diversity of culture. With continued investment and improvement and the completion of Union Station it will continue to be a sought out city across the nation.

    Negative comments about Downtown Denver from sheltered individuals only show ignorance.

    1. Mike says:

      We can’t have continued investment, those people are evil. Just ask Occupy Denver.

  4. denvervet says:

    So what the hell were they protesting about? Ok, so when they go home and find their homes have been broken into and things stolen…….who are they going to call so they can collect on insurance? THE POLICE…….jerks.

  5. Spectator says:

    Walked past this last night, all I can say is the police that they were protesting against amd chanting, “The police are the army for the rich,” were protecting them. Making sure they didn’t get injured or hit by cars. Hypocrisy is a funny thing!

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