JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– A semi hauling cattle tipped onto its side on Highway 285 Saturday afternoon, causing traffic delays. All lanes were cleared by 10 p.m. Saturday.

The semi tipped at about 4:30 p.m. between Morrison and Parmalee Gulch Road. The truck was hauling about 59 cattle when it tipped. Nine cattle died in the incident.

cattle truck map Semi Hauling Cattle Tips On Hwy 285

(credit: CBS)

Colorado State Troopers aren’t sure how many more of the cattle are injured. A veterinarian has been called to the accident to determine if any of the injuries to the herd are serious.

The herd was loaded into another truck and taken to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

“Moving these cattle will be hazardous to both the first responders and law enforcement officers as well as the cattle themselves so we’re working to ensure a safe plan for everyone involved,” said Intercanyon Fire Department spokesman Dan Hadlestad.

There were intermittent closures for about six hours on Saturday during the accident investigation and cleanup.

How the semi tipped is unclear, but police believe it rolled as it was heading downhill in Turkey Creek Canyon.

The truck driver was not hurt. The state patrol said speed contributed to the crash.

Comments (5)
  1. upset says:

    I am so pist at those truck drivers. I drive 285 all the time and the trucks with the sheep and cattle drive way too fast. They have no concern for the animals they carry taking corners so fast throwing the live stock against the walls of the trailer and each other. This truck driver I hope has a concern and feels bad for all those cows that suffered at there hands.

  2. sierraauer says:

    I totally agree. I live up off North Turkey Creek and have seen so many semis that cause accidents like this because they are driving way too fast and the hwy gets very narrow at points. I feel so very sad for the animals. I wish the driver’s would take a little more caution when hauling precious cargo/live animals:-(

  3. whatevergetoverit says:

    like they weren’t going die at the end of their road trip anyway ?

  4. Laura says:

    “How the semi tipped is unclear.” Uh, yeah right. Semis usually tip because they are going too fast, usually around a curve or another car. I hope this dufus at least loses his job and is banned from driving big trucks ever again.

  5. Kevin Evert says:

    not any worse than you four wheelers flipping your suv on dry roads for no apparent reason

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