Written by Dr. Dave Hnida CBS4 Medical EditorIs it something like “Crawling With the Stars” or “CSI:Pre-School” ??

Your answer, at least according to the nation’s pediatricians, should be “My baby (or toddler) doesn’t watch TV.”

New guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics say kids under the age of two should be getting zero screen time.

Now some might think something like that might be obvious, or even sensible. But the last time the AAP released TV guidelines in 1999, it seems few parents paid much attention.

It’s estimated 90 percent of children under the age of two are plopped in front of the TV … or even use some form of electronic media, such as their parents’ iPads and e-readers. Heck, there’s even a tablet that’s even designed specifically for toddlers.

Yet solid research shows the brain of a kid under the age of 2 is unable to pay attention to, and absorb, something that comes on a screen. Meaning, it’s a waste of time (and even money).

What should your youngster be doing instead? Pediatricians have a radical idea: parents — read to your kids. And let them have some unstructured playtime since that will allow a child to learn how to think creatively and figure out how to solve a problem.

One other idea from the doctors of little tykes, and it’s aimed at you: limit your TV time so you’re not distracted and have more time for your kids.

Oh, these pediatricians and their radical ideas.


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