DENVER (AP) – Colorado lawmakers on the Water Conservation Review Committee are questioning whether the government has a place in citizens’ bathrooms.

Legislation that was discussed Monday would apply to toilets that are being installed with new construction or replaced during remodeling.

According to the Pueblo Chieftain, wastewater groups, toilet makers, plumbing and water conservation advocates all expressed support for a law that would require low-flow toilets statewide.

Sen. Ellen Roberts, a Republican from Durango, says consumers already are choosing low-flow toilets and she has reservations about government restrictions.

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  1. rosemary harwood says:

    No, please no, all that happens is that a kid, or adult puts two much “waste” down the toilet and pulls the handle. Needless to say, only three quarters of it goes down, the rest gets stuck and you have to call the plumber. It has happened three times since I got my new toilet and has cost me a fortune. No, verily, NO.

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