LONE TREE, Colo. (CBS4)- A fourth suspect in an alleged puppy snatching case has been arrested. Brittany Cooper will likely be charged with felony theft.

Police recovered the pug puppy snatched from a pet store in Lone Tree and arrested three suspects in the case on Oct. 4.

Surveillance video recorded the suspect police believe to be Cooper, 18, playing with the $1,100 pug at Just Pets. She spent some time with the dog, then left but returned a few hours later.

puppy surveillance Suspected Puppy Snatcher Arrested

Investigators believe Brittany Cooper is the woman seen with the puppy that was stolen from Just Pets in Lone Tree. (credit: Lone Tree Police)

Stone said the woman said she wanted to buy the dog but needed a few more minutes. Meanwhile, another customer came in to look at kittens. When Stone went to the back of the store the pug-napper dashed out the front door.

Police arrested Alexandra Kennel, 18; Tyler Ryan Mayden, 18; and Trevor Roarke Power, 19. Charges range from conspiracy to theft by receiving.

tyler ryan mayden from lone tree police dept Suspected Puppy Snatcher Arrested

Tyler Ryan Mayden (credit: Lone Tree Police Deptartment)

trevor roarke power from lone tree police dept Suspected Puppy Snatcher Arrested

Trevor Roarke Power (credit: Lone Tree Police Deptartment)

According to the American Kennel Club, pet theft is a growing problem nationwide. Approximately 224 pets have been reported stolen in the first 7 months of this year compared with just 150 in the same period of time last year.


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