The fear I witnessed in my husbands eyes while I shared with him the latest result of a doctor’s appointment stressed the seriousness of something I often don’t think much about… “moles.”

A week ago I had a half dollar sized mole removed from my stomach.

We had it previously tested and while it didn’t show signs of cancer, it did have “atypical” cells.

With that in mind – we decided to remove all of it last week.

Today, my dermatologist called and said I need to come back and have more removed because one section of the biopsy was dancing in the danger zone.

Still not malignant, but it just didn’t look good.

So next week when they remove the slew of stitches I have from my old wound – they’ll go in – cut out a few more inches of skin – and hopefully, stitch me up in that area for the last time.

The stitching and scarring I care nothing about.

It’s just skin.

What I care about is that this “scare” has certainly opened my eyes to taking my moles a little more serious.

I have no doubt taken my skin for granted, always thinking I was safe from skin cancer because I tanned easily and skin cancer did not run in my family.

The truth is – I sunbathed for years without wearing sunscreen.

While I have protected myself these past few years – I certainly didn’t as a teenager and for that I am certain the damage is done.

If you haven’t seen your dermatologist lately, make an appointment.

Take nothing for granted.





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