DENVER (CBS4) – A scam that targets customers of Wells Fargo has started to appear in Colorado.

It starts with a phone call or text. For some it’s an automated call that comes up on caller ID as a blocked number. In a recording that plays after people pick up the customer is told there’s a problem with their account and it requests specific information.

Dr. Freeman Rader was among the CBS4 viewers who contacted Consumer Investigator Jodi Brooks about the scam. He got a similar message by text alert. It asked that he call a specific phone number.

“So I did so and a female voice said this was in regards to my account and to reactivate my account, please provide my card number,” Rader said.

Rader contacted his bank and learned it was a scam.

Cindy Cox says she did provide personal information when she was contacted.

“I had to give my debit card number to them with the expiration date and the security code that goes on the back of it,” she said.

Cox hung up and she panicked.

“I was so angry at myself for doing it — I just couldn’t believe what I had done.”

After that she called her bank.

“After I called them they marked the card as a stolen card,” she said.

Wells Fargo officials told CBS4 they are aware of the scam and they said the scam targets people at random.

CBS4 viewers who were victims of the scam said they don’t feel that way.

“It does not feel random to me,” said Barbara Webb, another person who was contacted.

“How people would know that I have an account with Wells Fargo?” Rader said.

“How would they know that I had a debit card through Wells Fargo?” Cox said.

The bank says one out of every 3 households across the country is a Wells Fargo customer. Bank officials told CBS4 they would never ask for personal account information over the phone or by text message.

If contacted, it’s a good idea to call your bank or, better yet, go to your branch and meet with a banker.

Additional Resources

Anyone who thinks they have become a victim should contact Wells Fargo immediately. The FBI also wants to hear from Wells Fargo Bank customers who have been targeted.

– FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center:

– CBI Identity Theft Hotline: (800) 443-3489

Comments (14)
  1. terry creel says:

    after many emails from supposely Wells Fargo, knowing something was wrong I contracted Wells Fargo, sent the emails to reportphish@wells fargo.The emails were coming in twice a day wanting me to go to the attachment and open which i would not do, The latest was that I had a message in my wells fargo inbox. I did recieve calls stating that my debit card was deactivated please press 1 i hung up, then they came on our home phone some man wanting to talk with my husband, this time number came uo on caller id I reported all of this. These people are not stopping , getting pretty fustrated.

  2. Debbi Davis says:

    I recieved the phone call today it was a number that was unknown I hung up and called my bank and they said that they would have someone call me back after an hour I called again not sure if they know any of my info. I did not give them any of my info I have been Phished before so I am very cautious about all of this and I really dont feel I got good customer suppoert.

  3. Sherry says:

    I received a text msg thru my cricket broadband service saying to call Wells Fargo Security at a certain number. My boyfriend has been getting TEXT msgs (really? from a bank??). Was saying to reactivate his card press 1. He hasn’t had an account with them for awhile. How did they get our phone information? All msgs came thru our Cricket numbers, and the only bills we pay online is our Cricket bills. Is this connected I wonder? Was trying to reach Jodi Brooks from Channel 4 but believe i wrote the number down wrong in a hurry.

  4. Jasmine says:

    I received a text message on Oct 3, 10:44 am MDT from WFONLINE stating:
    MSG: This is an automated message from Wells Fargo Bank. Your ATM Debit card has been deactivated. To reactivate call 877-240-5638.

    I immediately contacted Wells Fargo directly to report the potential fraud (not the # above). The person i spoke with explained that the bank would never request info in that manner. I explained that i understood that, but assumed they would want details of the incident to followup on it. She declined to take any information.
    I later found the reportphish link on the wells fargo website & sent an email to ‘’ and received an autoreply telling me to delete the text message and that they would investigate but only contact me if they needed additional info.
    I was concerned that the live person i spoke with did not tell me to report the incident to reportphish@wellsfargo and was not interested in gathering any info. Appears that they need to do some additional training in their call centers.

  5. Sherrie says:

    I also got a call from well’s fargo stating my card was deactivated wanted the last four digits to my social security number the number came in as blocked I hung up on them and called well’s fargo and they said it was definately a phishing scam what scares me is how they got my telephone number it is an unlisted telephone number in my dad’s name and how they knew I was a well’s fargo customer

  6. Richard Stevenson Sr says:

    We keep getting phone calls from them. I’ve actually talked to someone after going through their system and told them to remove my name from their list. I keep getting these phone calls, but with no caller ID. The last one was to reactivate my debit card. Funny thing is, that I’ve never had a Wells Fargo Account in my life. So, don’t give out your personal information over the phone. Especially to banks!

  7. Annette says:

    These calls/texts are also being made to non-wells fargo customers and they are just phishing for anyone willing to input their information. Wells Fargo will NEVER Text or Call to tell anyone that they need to reactivate their card! It is also Wells Fargo Poilicy to never block their number from caller ID. If you fall victim to the scam, immediately call the 1-800 number on the back of your card or head to your nearest Wells Fargo bank.

  8. Robert says:

    I bank at Chase and I received one of these “Wells Fargo account” texts last week. About two months ago, I received an e-mail asking for Bank of America account info! Are there even any Bank of Americas in Colorado?

  9. jamie says:

    I received a call from someone claiming to be wells fargo. It sounded like someone had typed something into the computer and a computer voice was reading it. They said my debit card, which I dont have one, had been tempoarily deactivated due to a charge and to press 1 to reactivate. I pressed 1 and it told me it will ask 4 questions and to get my card. It asked for the last 4 of my social. I hung up. Banks have a live person call and they already have your info so I knew something was not right.

  10. barbara webb says:

    hi jodi, my next door neighbor ,just came over to tell us that he just got the same telephone call as i did..his name is Rob and he’s in apartment 203

  11. barbara webb says:

    evening can give your “special talent” in reporting immediately what has happened in our area..we were just listening to another channel , who is just now reporting on the bank “scams”…You did it over a week before !!!! CONGRADULATIONS yes i do think you’re just that special !!!

  12. lisaansley says:

    these scammers don’t really know if you have a Wells Fargo account. they keep calling random numbers until they get a person who’d buy their stories. they say bank account is locked, verification is necessary, yada, yada, yada. why, this scam’s all over different consumer complaint sites. here’s a link of one of these reports and rust me, that complaint is just the tip of the iceberg.

    1. lisaansley says:

      by the way, i read a report there that instead of a phone call, some use automated prompts to get the information from you. beware!

  13. EX customer says:

    Several years ago I received a phone call from someone who called himself TIM — said he was my personal banker at Wells Fargo — call came in at 1805 , and he had to talk to me about some personal matters . Since the repair man was there and I had to run outside for a minute I asked him to answer phone — no I was NOT expecting a call !! I turned on my phone recorder in case I had to call someone back etc. This Tim never asked who he was talking to, but said he was my personal banker etc. !! Repairman asked him 2 call back later — TIM never did call back. A few days later I was at Wells Fargo and asked about this — Bank personnal told me that Wells Fargo employees DO make calls AFTER hours to “visit” with customers !! Besides other problems with WF I finally left them !!! This TIM could have been the cleaner, or whatever !!

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