DENVER (CBS4) – CBS4 political specialist Shaun Boyd has confirmed President Obama will be making another visit to Denver in October.

According to a Democratic official, Obama will attend two fundraising events while in Denver on Oct. 25.

Both events are at the Pepsi Center. The first event is a dinner in the Ridgeline Room in the Pepsi Center starting at 4 p.m. The second event is a reception at the Blue Sky Grill in the Pepsi Center that begins at 4:30 p.m.

Obama is expected to stay in Denver until Oct. 26.

PHOTO GALLERY: President Obama Visits Denver’s Lincoln High School

Comments (4)
  1. George S. says:

    Just what we need for Halloween, another Pumpkin head!! Stay away, we’ve heard you story and we’re not buying it, even your own “democratic” Senate won’t pass your “Jobs Bill”. We want to save out SMART money for a conservative, not a Spend Happy, Big Government XXXXXXX!

    1. ArtStarzz says:

      What a lie . All republicans and 2 democratic senators opposed the bill . Democrats are strongly behind the president .

  2. G.Lucas says:

    I wonder who is paying for his campain stops to raise funds for HIM ? I thought the President of the USA is supposed to be ” leading” this country , not using other peoples money ( mine and Yours ) to pay for Air Force 1 , 3 C130’s hundreds of secret service and the rental of the Pepsi Center ! Or the DNC fronting the bill?

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