WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4)- Police in Westminster said two women who robbed a bank on Tuesday were a mother and daughter team. There are reports they are in financial trouble.

Tina Guerrero and Norma “Edwina” Sisneros are accused of robbing the TCF Bank at 72nd and Federal on Tuesday. Investigators said one of the women claimed to have a bomb.

Sisneros, 53, proclaimed her innocence from the Adams County Jail.

“I didn’t know what was going on. I never thought my daughter would do anything like this to me,” said Sisneros. “I really didn’t know I was driving somebody who just robbed a bank. Honest to God. I never thought my daughter would do anything like that.”

Police believe Sisneros drove the getaway car while her daughter walked inside the bank, said she had a bomb and demanded money.

When asked if she was helping her daughter rob a bank, Sisneros said, “No, no. I would never do that, never, ever would I rob a bank. I’m too scared. I haven’t even been to jail.”

Guerrero, 31, and Sisneros were arrested in Adams County soon after the robbery when police spotted the getaway car in an apartment complex. Guerrero was found hiding in a laundry room.

“I never saw no money, never saw a weapon– anything,” said Sisneros.

The bags of stolen money were recovered when the pair was arrested.

Guerrero has an extensive police record that includes child abuse, robbery and felony drug charges. Her friend, Michael Williams, said she had talked about the robbery months ago to support her drug habit.

“She just told me she heard something on the news of some guys getting away with it and robbing the same bank more than once, if they can do it, why not me?,” said Williams.

Police are skeptical of Sisneros’ claims of innocence.

“During the investigation we have uncovered some evidence that she was a knowing participant at the time,” said Westminster Police spokesman Trevor Materasso.

Comments (4)
  1. JT says:

    “Crime runs in the family?”
    Apparently crime is neck in neck with fugly!

  2. learntoswim says:

    My family is in fanatical trouble, but we don’t go around stealing other people’s money. Stop doing drugs and get a job!

    1. learntoswim says:

      Oops financial (sp) – spelling God please forgive me!

  3. denvervet says:

    How is she going to get a job with those ugly tatoo’s? Most places won’t hire people with tatoo’s showing. She looks like prison material to me. Anyhow, this is where drugs will bring you. Dont even try an illegal drug if offered to you, stay the heck away from them and people who use them, you will be better off in the end or end up like this woman featured in a news article for robbing a bank! You are who your friends are, don’t forget that!

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