DENVER (CBS4) – Diabetes is a highly treatable and even preventable disease. That’s the idea behind the “Step-Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes” — raise awareness and get people moving. CBS4’s Jane Monreal went to visit the “Latinas on the Rocks” team to see how they are getting ready for the event.

Three years ago fitness trainer Denise Tryner helped form the “Latinas on the Rocks” boot camp class through Por tu Familia.

“They’re part of American Diabetes Association and they started this class for the underserved, underprivileged, uninsured Latino community here in the Denver area,” Tryner said.

Only 10 people showed up initially. Now it’s not unusual to see upwards of 60 participants in class.

Participant Marcela Camara lost 16 Pounds in the class.

“I don’t want to (get) diabetes and I want to lose weight,” Camara said. “I want to feel better.”

After losing the 16 pounds since April, Camara is well on her way to feeling better.

“My auntie and my brother have diabetes,” Alva Lopez said.

Lopez started over a year ago and has already lost 26 pounds.

Gaby Solis recently lost her father to diabetes. It’s part of the reason why she and her husband, Arturo, signed up for boot camp a year and a half ago. Together they’ve lost 37 pounds.

“We definitely want go get people moving prior to getting diabetes or any other disease. We want to get them moving and take care and ownership of their own body, so they can prevent it long term,” Tryner said. “So it’s a journey that you’re on; versus trying to fix something as it happens.”

Step-Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes is Saturday, Oct. 22 at the Denver Aquarium. The proceeds benefit diabetes research and programs like the Latina boot camp.

LINK: Step-Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes


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