ASPEN, Colo. (AP) – The Aspen City Council has voted to ban plastic bags from its two grocery stores and place a 20-cent fee on paper bags.

Basalt has already approved a fee of 20 cents on plastic and paper bags, and Carbondale has been moving toward a ban on plastic bags. The Boulder City Council is considering a fee on plastic bags.

Supporters say the goal of the ordinances is to reduce the amount of paper and plastic waste ending up in local landfills. They say research shows that only a small percentage of consumers recycle their grocery bags.

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Comments (3)
  1. BernieLuvsEllen says:

    Looks like people need to start investing in canvas reusable bags to save the money and the environmental fuss.

  2. HOA says:

    Amazing the long arm of the law these days. Watch out disposable diaper users…you’re next!

  3. hunter says:

    maybe we need to start charging the council for being there-i did not ask for plastic bags in the first place—-BY THE WAY—WHO GETS THE MONEY-HMMMM!and you still have plastic anyway—CROOKS IN THE MAKING

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