DENVER (CBS4) – A series of new billboards promoting Mormonism have just gone up around Denver at a time when the religion is the focus of a new national political discussion.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is currently fending off a recent wave of controversy over his Mormon faith. The topic arose over the weekend after pastor Robert Jeffress called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints “a cult” at the Christian-based Values Voter Summit in Washington. Coverage: Romney calls for Religious tolerance

“Were not a cult. We are a Christian religion. We believe in Jesus Christ,” church spokesman Lynn Southam told CBS4.

Mormon leaders insist their decision to launch the campaign at this time is not a political move and has nothing to do with Romney’s presidential bid.

“We are politically neutral. We don’t endorse anyone. We dont have any reason to do so,” Southam said. “We’re about teaching about Christ, not collecting candidates.”

Denver is one of 12 cities that were chosen for the launch of the advertising campaign by the church, which also includes television ads and advertisements on buses. There are 22 billboards now being displayed in Colorado as part of the effort.

“Denver has a large concentration of our members,” said Southam when asked about why Denver was picked.

The church says they spent 4 years researching how Americans perceive their faith and its members. They say that process was the the motivation behind the campaign, which will continue until February in Denver.

While political pundits view Colorado as a swing state, the new ads are also running in states that aren’t typically battleground states such as Arizona, Washington, Texas, Nebraska and Indiana.

“This is kind of a Mormon moment where a lot of people are talking about us, and we want to be part of the conversation,” Southam said.

Romney is not the only Mormon competing for the GOP nomination. Jon Huntsman, the former governor of Utah, is also currently in the running. Coverage: Huntsman dismisses Mormon controversy as “ridiculous sideshow”

Comments (35)
  1. denvervet says:

    They are very poliltical, to say they are not is rediculous. Not really sure this whole article is newsworthy.

  2. gary says:

    Mormans are living a lie……one minute it is what God says BUT if things change the church will over ride it…….LOOK at blacks holding the preasthoof…wasn’t allowed until the government threated them and BYU’S sports programs. The best one is POLIGAMENY……STILL IN THE BOOK AND A REQUIRMENT TO BECOME A GOD!!!!!! Come on…………

  3. JOHN SMITH says:

    The simple fact that a religious group advertises on billboards and tv commercials — proves its a cult… short of standing in airports and banging tin cups…GO BACK TO YOUR CHURCHES , If anyones interested they’ll come to you!

  4. Dave says:

    Actually, you need to do some research on the religion before you spout the lines given to you. Members of this church are required to live the laws of the Country they live in. Polygamy is cause for ex-communication from this church.

    Also, the fact that blacks can hold the priesthood should tell you that God still communicates with us as his children.

    1. Jeremy says:

      Now you single out Balcks??? Man oh man – get a life

  5. JohnP says:

    Mormons are cool. They are more christian than most catholics and baptists I know.

    1. chad r says:

      harry potter is cool also a thousand years from now someone will find his book and think of him as a prophet like your fellow leader. they have you fooled also. How christian is Mr.smith the aliens helped him write your book, correct?

  6. jack e blankenship says:

    For indepth studies of the Morman religion go to

    1. JJ says:

      No… for indepth studies of the mormon religion go to

  7. Mike Alfero says:

    The morman religion is based on events and people groups that have no evidence of ever existing. Most of the religion is a complete lie. It’s a shame that poeple are so desperate for “religion” when they can easily have a “relationship” with the one, TRUE God. I pray that these billboards and commercials go unnoticed so less people travel the road to self-destruction. It’s a down right shame that mormans are so completely lost.

    1. Mike says:

      No evidence? That would be true of ALL religion.

  8. Erin S Crawford says:

    Mormon, not morman. Please, how can anyone be taken seriously about what you say if you cannot spell the name of subject that you speak of? Have you ever been Mormon? Attended a service? Known Mormon’s? Or is your information simply based on what someone told you once about what someone else said? Please, check your facts. Respect people’s right to chose the religion they wish to follow. There is no true evidence that Jesus Christ existed; however, millions of people believe in him.

  9. al says:

    mormans teach an heretical jesus different then the Jesus of the Bible. They also have a false book called the book of morman which is fantasy and fiction. False teachings such as baptism for the dead to incise demonic beings to posses people under this false teachings. Many other false teachings are taught which is contrary to Biblical writings. The Deity Of The Lord Jesus Christ is removed by their theology. Avoid their teachings and lies…THEY ARE NOT CHRISTIANS…

    1. al says:

      your comments expose your own ignorance…..

    2. Dave Berkovits says:

      RIGHT ON, Al. Notice the Mormons are leaving very defensive comments here? They don’t like hearing that their Church is teaching lies and is a Cult!!

    3. Penny says:

      Mormons believe in a DIFFERENT Jesus Christ than the one in the Bible – theirs is brother to Satan (in earlier spirit life on another planet), was born of physical sex (not virgin), his first wedding was the one at Cana and was married several other times, father is some god in the system of kolob, his death does not forgive sins (they don’t believe in the cross), and is not part of the Trinity.

      There are many gods, all previous worthy mormon men. Women must be called up from death to help populate any planet dead mormon men inherit after they die and are worthy to be a god of a planet.

      The Garden of Eden (beginning of man) is near Independence Missouri – where also their Jesus’ next coming will occur.

    4. sleepyzZ says:

      It doesn’t fit in with the world view of Evangelical Christians that Mormons feel, on a regular basis, the love that comes from God. You know what I am talking about if you have felt it. That all encompassing, humbling, peaceful feeling that completely fills you. It makes you want to smile and cry at the same time. You know, the feeling that Satan can’t counterfeit because love doesn’t reside in him.

  10. Richard Grimes says:

    My daughter is a Mormon draped in magic mormon underwear divorced from her mormon husband married in the temple whose underwear did not protect him. Ques: Will she be reunited with her first husband or her second husband whom she needed to get into mormon paradise since Mormonism is so sexist and racist? Brigham Young reveals that “Without Joseph Smith there can be no salvation:” Is that true? Me:

  11. Darrell says:

    The comments posted so far seem like a comical attempt exalt one myth based belief system over others. Christians seem so inclined to exclude and condemn. Of course, once you get to the myth based belief systems, they can’t be distinguished from one-another. Whose myth is better? Nobody’s.
    You all should consider how imperfect this makes your beliefs appear to be, when you cannot even agree who your members are and you find it necessary to disparage other people who believe in the same god as do you. I don’t think Jesus would be impressed by any of you.

    1. jhtchang says:

      I think you are quite right. I have often thought what a different world this would be (and would have been) if we all realized that our life time on earth is all there is. How many suicide bombers would there be? Are 2 billion Christians more right than 1.5 billion people of the Islam faith? It seems what all the religions of the world needs most is a tolerance of their fellow man.

  12. Juan Valdez says:

    So we have starving people in America and the Mormon church would rather spend their money on advertisement. Anyone else see something wrong with this picture? Religion aside help homeless people, single moms on welfare, or something that will make a difference.

  13. Kimber Wolf says:

    Let them advertise. Personally, I find their beliefs laughable, but if they want to spend their money on a billboard, they should feel free to do so. Saying they are about Jesus Christ is about as close as I’m like a dolphin because we’re both mammals, but let people find that out for themselves.

  14. Dave Berkovits says:

    The Mormon Church has NOTHING to offer peope except CONTROL!! Joseph Smith was a BIG FRAUD who was NOT the Martyr the Mormons make him out to be. Read Ed Deckers Book titled “The Godmakers” and you wiill read about his rise to the Mormon Priesthood and how he started searching for the Truth and how difficult the Mormon Church made it on him because he discovered some real truths about it doing independant research and because he decided to leave. The Mormon Church does NOT like it when it’s members question it and decide to leave and go to a Church that preaches the Bible and Salvation thru Jesus Christ alone. Also Mormons have their Tempes so they can pray for the dead. The Mormon Tempke is very secretive. Similiar to Free Masonry. I see no where in the Bible for where it says to pray for the dead. Also the reason the Mormons are so in to geneology is so they can go to the temple and pray for the dead. That is necromancy which the Bible forbids!!!

  15. L says:

    Anyone who wants to have a conversation on the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints may email me.
    Seems some of the haters are inclined to the philosophies of the westboro baptist church and the pharisees. Keep it up as it did not stop the church from growing. It seems though like the church has already accomplished one of its goals with the media campaing to get people discussing the church. True seekers of the truth will hear the Lords voice

  16. everya says:

    where is the hate when the LDS church spends millions around the world and in local communities.

  17. wallace says:

    Mormonism is totally a cult religion. But lets be fair, miraculously translating “reformed Egyptian” from some gold plates that no one saw is a ridiculous as a virgin getting pregnant by an angel. Do people really think one delusion is superior to another?

    1. melinda says:

      An Angel didnt do it at least read and know what your gonna critisize, it was the Spirit (Rauch Ha Kodesha), names are not tobe translated – first rule of English so I include the original

  18. Be_Moore says:

    Has anyone considered the notion that ALL religions are cults? To say that one (Mormonism, or Scientology for that matter) is any weirder or creepier than any other is a lie. No religion stands up to the test of what everyone should be studying. Go take some Biochemistry. Or Physics. Or both.

  19. melinda says:

    Mormonism believes that when they die they will obtain a planet of their own and be the God(like Jesus) on that planet. Hence they believe everyone in their faith CAN do this – so they believe in more than one god. Polytheism its called. They believe God lives on a planet called Kolob.
    They quote the Bible when its to their favor – why else would they not want to undertsnad scripture says’Of Gods there are many” And I am the God of Abraham and Issac, and Jacob” and “before me there was none and after me ther shall none be”.

    They are a cult, but note Christianity, that Mormons say they are ,was started by Constantine(328 ad). He united his Kingdom by merging Pagan Christ-Mass *Christmas) and Ishtar(Easter) so that they all got along and united his Kingdom, then the Catholic Church(Roman) set about exterminating the early church that started in Israel, Yeshua a Hebrew name(common at the time)Not Jesus(The Greek Name) . So yes Mormaons are christian since they profess a Jesus Christ(another Jesus warned about in Scripture) not the Hebrew Messiah. Mormons are christians just like Protestants and Catholics. Its a Pagan name started in Greece. They wanted a messiah – just not a Jewish(Hebrew) one.
    You decide. Research before criticizing The Constantine Empire

  20. John says:

    It’s a cult!! I can’t believe a Mormon leader lied on TV that Mormonism is Christian!! I taught a 10 year old Mormon years ago who told me she was not a Christian. She knew her befiefs better that the leader does. IIt’s a cult!!

  21. elvisgal says:

    Every one of you who have posted… who are you trying to convince? I’ve learned people will believe what they choose to believe, and the more we force it on them, the more resistive they become. Think what you will about the campaign and let others believe what they will. As far as Romney goes… let’s take him for what he represents when it comes to the issues and how he carries himself under fire. I recall there was much ado about JFK’s religion and, as it turns out, he is a much beloved president despite peoples’ opinions of his faith.

    1. denvervet says:

      People are replying because this is a forum where they can voice their opinions about the mormon faith. You don’t often get to say what you feel about this faith and all of its beliefs……….also you learn something, I didn’t know they were going to own planets and be Gods when they die and use women to populate the planets…….to some this may seem really odd and they can voice that here.

  22. denvervet says:

    You don’t have to go to a mormon church, know a mormon or research very far until you realize that the mormon faith is a joke. I have worked with mormons and didn’t like what I saw in their daily actions. They will not be happy until everyone is a mormon. They remind me of people who are lost and living in denile and holding on to a religion to save them but the religion doesn’t explain to them very much, lots of mystery. They are very “clickish” even amoung themselves. Anytime you think you are better than someone else trouble starts….a horrible way to live and believe.

  23. Elan Yeshin says:

    as A 501C3Corp The Mormon Church is merely advertising their business, I just haven’t found anywhere where scripture in The Bible, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, Book or Mormon or any other Mormon book that directs the “Church” to become a part of the Government by registering with them. As a non profit Mormons and other “Churches” violate Scripture by not paying a tax to the GOV, instead of heading what is of GOD. Render unto Caesar That Which is Caesar – Render unto God That which is GODs, This is what the Messiah said in response to the Money. Scripture also says ‘ye cannot serve God and Mammon'(money, riches etc) That would mean you have two masters.Money Violates and thus it becomes a substitute.
    So for these Mormons to Run on a platform of their religion and other Qualities as well as any candidate in any religion (Christian) is a odd bedfellow, Usury(interest) is against The Laws of God of Abraham and Issac and Moses.

    This whole religion debate makes no sense in Politics – That is Mans Government not GODs Government.

    So what they bought some advertisement – don’t go there(to the Mormon Temple) and you wont have to be converted just be what you believe. Govern your self accordingly

  24. marie says:

    The first commercial I saw promted a smile, not a friendly one, more of a knowing sneer while thinking, “this is a great back door entrance for Romney. I have nothing against Mormons. It is slick politicians that anger me. This smacks of back door politics. IJust another elitist who thinks the rest of America (the 99%) of us are idiots and can’t see through this political ploy.

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