DENVER (CBS4) – Apple announced its new iCloud music service will launch next week. It’s a new way to listen to music anywhere, on any device, without having to download it to an MP3 player.

If our music seems to be coming from the clouds — it is, or at least it soon could be.

“What Apple’s iCloud does is allow you to access your music on any device you own,” Christopher Nice with Apple Outlet said.

Those who are tired of having stacks of CDs cluttering their house, the iCloud is for them.

“You just put your CD into your computer, Mac or PC. Once you get CD into your computer it’s going to pop up in your iTunes. iTunes is going to ask if you if you want to import it,” Nice said.

It will copy all the music into the computer. Then go into iTunes and it will transfer all that music to the iCloud.

Now thanks to the iCloud, music will be on iPhones, iPads, or any computer.

“The basic iCloud service is free,” Nice said.

Uploading CDs will cost $24 per year.

Another version of the iCloud for those who don’t have Apple products is equally easy.
Log into a gmail account and then go onto and upload music.

Most in the industry thinks it’s just a question of time until users will be able to store movies in the cloud as well.


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