DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado students have a chance to learn about budgeting their money now and when they’re adults out on their own.

Students say they think Washington politicians should be taking the class in Budgeting 101. The students say politicians need to be more responsible but they also said balancing even a small household budget isn’t nearly as simple as they assumed it would be.

A mock financial park was set up in downtown Denver for students to leave the classroom and learn some real life money lessons. The students were given a mock salary and were assigned mortgage payments and tax deductions. They then had to budget for the other things in life.

Budgeting, according to students, is a really important lesson to learn but not a fun one.

The Junior Achievement Financial Park is available to student groups though the end of this school year.

If you have a money saving tip that you would like Suzanne to check out, call the Money Saver tipline at (303) 863-TIPS (8477) or email her at Also visit the Money Saver section for more stories about saving money for you and your family.


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