WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) – Police across the metro area are investigating a string of hotel robberies.

There have been 11 robberies in the past month. The latest, like the others, was captured on surveillance video. It happened Thursday night in Westminster at the Comfort Inn at Highway 35 and Sheridan.

When the masked gunman held up the hotel, he jumped the front counter and ripped the camera off the wall. But he didn’t realize that cameras were everywhere at that particular Comfort Inn, including outside..

“We think he came in on foot,” Trevor Materasso with Westminster police said.

For nearly four minutes the gunman paced outside and then put on a mask and walked in the lobby.

“He did come through with a mask, he did point a gun at the desk clerk, and he jumped over the counter and told him that he did want his money and if he didn’t get down on the ground he was going to shoot him,” said Robert Kitzhoffer, Comfort Inn General Manager.

The gunman didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He took cash and checked drawers. He spent a lot of time looking around before finally leaving.

“During this robbery he actually takes a cell phone from a hotel employee and disconnects the phones so when he leaves that employee is unable to call 911,” Materasso said.

A panic button alerted police.

The robber didn’t get much money.

“We keep minimal money. Most hotels are all credit cards, so there’s not that much money on the property,” Kitzhoffer said.

It was the 11th hotel since Labor Day to be hit by a takeover style robber. In Golden the gunman didn’t rip down the camera, but turned it to a position that ended up catching his crime. It’s hard to tell if it’s the same suspect. Police are looking for similarities.

“This hotel sits right near a major highway interchange which is another similarity to the other hotels that have been robbed,” Materasso said.

So far no one has been hurt.

“I want the guy caught,” Kitzhoffer said.

Westminster police brought in a dog that picked up a strong scent believed to be from the robber but the scent ended where police believe the getaway car fled.

Comments (15)
  1. walter12 says:

    Eleven times and the police can’t catch him. What does that say about the Colorado police. They won’t do anything until this criminal and nutcase kills someone first.

    1. wildbill6996 says:

      Volunteer and help them. Sounds like you could catch him on his next crime …

    2. Ronny Hollywood says:

      Support the Youth for Western Civilization, and let’s take back our college campuses from the left wing Marxists!


      Join today! Do it for the children!

  2. Rocky says:

    Let’s have some more Sanctuary city’s where “RED SQUARE bBILL’s” politicaly (COMMUNIST) policing is the norm. Such as in Los Angeles where the Chief of Police has told illegals it is OK for them to drive drunk without a license or registration.
    Perhaps it is time for the citizens to start filing criminal charges against the politicians and those in Law Enforcement who feel it is their duty to protect the criminals. I forgot, Ramona Ripston of the Los Angeles ACLU made the public statement – “by protecting the rights of criminals, we are protecting the rights of law abiding citizens” !
    Try and find logic in that Liberal nonsense. Ramona was also a very close friend of the ex-Chief of Police in Los Angeles !

  3. Disgusted with Reporting says:

    “For nearly four minutes the gunman paced outside and then put on a mask and walked in the lobby.”
    What, no picture? How about a description of the perp?
    What kind of reporting is this anyway?
    I guess the crook must have been either black or hispanic.
    We don’t want the NAACP or La Raza to start crying “Profiling”
    You don’t tell the SEX of the criminal.
    How is the public supposed to help the police help apprehend this guy/gal?

  4. Pete Peterson says:

    I believe that is the 36 and Sheridan, not the 35 as reported.

    Where do you people get your reporters?

  5. Mike Alright says:

    Obviously he went there on foot. Most blacks are unable to afford cars because women (who hijacked the civil rights legislation in the 60’s) have them all.

  6. JayJay the Jet Plane says:

    What a Dumba$$ to rob a hotel/motel! Everybody knows just about all their receipts are in the form of Credit Cards Maybe he’s trying to commit suicide by police officer.

  7. CleanFun says:

    Hotels tend to have a lot of money and it’s not very well protected. He knows someone who works for one, that’s how he got started.

  8. Curtis Quico Reed says:

    Hotel clerks need to follow the lead of a certain Walgreens pharmacist who was packing and shot at his attackers.

  9. joe T. says:

    Why print this story without a description? Who are you trying to protect?

  10. Sean Patriot says:

    I dont even blame the robber at this point. Someone should have turned his head into a canoe by now.

  11. jeff b says:

    Sounds like it’s time that hotel front desk people were armed!

  12. Captian Obvious says:

    The reporting on this channel is seriously deficient. Not even the sex of the robber, and the location is US 36 and Sheridan.
    Denver CBS – do your reporters even live in the metro area? Most children know US 36.

  13. d says:

    I really hope they catch this guy, he robbed my hotel last tuesday and its kinda hard being back at work.
    they need to catch this itiot.

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