DENVER(CBS4)- A Stapleton woman who lost her unborn child when she was run over while crossing the street, doubts the driver who hit her will ever be caught.

Laurie Sherlock spent months recovering from a hit and run that killed her newborn son. Now she has a new mission to save lives that’s gone nationwide.

Sherlock was 34 weeks pregnant in December 2010 when she was struck at 29th Ave. and Central Park Boulevard in Denver. Police stopped more than 1,000 cars looking for the driver.

She is sharing her story because she hopes it will help others. Blood donation is part of her healing process.

“We had thought that I’d be spending the initial six months of 2011 changing diapers,” said Sherlock. “Instead, I spent the first part of 2011 learning to walk and breathe.”

Laurie was nearly 35 weeks pregnant when she took an evening walk. A driver ran two stop signs and kept going.

“Sometimes life just puts you in interesting times and you have to cope with that,” said Sherlock.

Her unborn baby struggled for life. Edison Mark Sherlock was born, but died soon after.

“We love our little boy and we’ll always wish he was here. It’s funny when people say, ‘Do you think about him?’ and I say, ‘Every minute I think about him,'” said Sherlock.

Laurie and her husband Pete started a national blood drive to benefit victims of motor vehicle accidents.

“I received more than 30 units of blood,” said Sherlock.

Donations from strangers that kept her alive. Now, she’s asking for help keeping her son Edison’s memory alive.

“If you donate blood for my son, then your blood is saving three lives and in a way, my son gets to live on through your donation,” said Sherlock.

Twenty-five states will host the “Stop and Give” blood drive. It runs from Nov. 27 through Dec. 10.


  1. Don_L says:

    Illegal aliens are often, often, often the ones who do hit and runs!
    That is the reason Denver needs to deport ALL illegal aliens !!

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