BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)- A former nurse is accused of rifling through dozens of records that contained medical and financial information about patients and staff and then opening fraudulent credit card accounts.

Cannon Tubb worked at numerous hospitals in the Denver metro area, including Boulder Centura Health in Westminster and Boulder Community Hospital.

According to court documents, Tubb used the information to open online credit card accounts at several major retailers.

One victim, a doctor at Boulder Community Hospital, learned an account had been opened in her name for Walmart and Borders.

Her husband, also a physician, found an account had been opened in his name at Best Buy. An Apple iPad worth more than $700 had been purchased with the account.

Once police began their investigation, they learned Tubb accessed the information of dozens of patients at the hospital in Boulder and that there were more victims that included medical staff.

Tubb was eventually arrested in Texas where he used a fake account with the name of a Boulder County resident to buy items at a Lowe’s store, totaling more than $1,700.

Tubb is facing five counts of identity theft and 46 counts of medical record theft in Boulder County. He is also accused of stealing information in Westminster where he worked at different Centura Health facilities.

Officials at both hospitals said any patients who’s information may have been compromised were notified.

Tubb’s first court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 4 in Adams County Court.

  1. Andrew says:

    The fact is that most states allow anyone who has access to your social security number and DOB to access your health account with little penalty as long as you cant prove they profited from that information. Your employer, your nosy neighbor and your worst enemy can then use this information recklessly with little recourse. Trust me…my family is living with the fear that an individual who dislikes us gained access to our health providers site and received these files. We must make accessing this information without permission a crime that is civilly and criminally punishable. The Wikileaks scenario is extreme, what if an angry ex gets their hands on your medical files and prescription list and decides to post it on Facebook or send out an anonymous letter to the neighborhood? This has implications for citizens who need medical care, not seeking it out in fear of being exposed . The government doesn’t have the laws in place to protect those records now, why would anyone want to turn those records over to them to protect in full. To see our story on this very important issue go to our facebook page:

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