DENVER (CBS4) – Friends and family of Kenia Monge now know the specifics of how the Aurora woman was murdered last spring.

In exchange for the DA not seeking the death penalty in his case, Travis Forbes, her killer, agreed to tell investigators exactly what happened on the night he killed Monge.

Forbes said he and another man saw Monge in a hotel lobby in early April after she left the 24K nightclub. He says they tried to help her get a car home but Monge got into Forbes’ van instead.

After dropping off the other man Monge passed out and Forbes sexually assaulted her. When she regained consciousness there was a fight. That’s when Forbes says he strangled her.

As part of his plea deal, Forbes also agreed to lead investigators to her body. It was found under a few feet of dirt near Keenesburg.

Forbes told the judge during his sentencing on Monday that the crime wasn’t planned and he didn’t mean to do it.

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