DENVER – (CBS4) – Six of Denver’s city Council members are going on record to oppose the Sick Day Initiative.

Denver voters will decide in November if businesses should be forced to provide paid sick leave. Initiative 300 would allow private and city employees accrue sick time for every 30 hours worked. That adds up to about nine days a year although the number of days would be capped at five for businesses with fewer than 10 employees.

Those council members say the proposal could cost the city nearly $700,000 a year when it is already facing a budget shortfall of just under $100 million.

In a news release, the members said, “The Mayor’s proposed budget already includes five furlough days for all employees just to balance our budget. Creating additional costs for the city at this time will come at the expense of other services.”

The council members also pointed out the state and federal governments are exempt and the city would have to create new bureaucracy to meet the requirements of the initiative.

“Based on these impacts, we urge citizens to vote ‘No’ on Initiative 300 this November,” the council members said.

They also said the measure creates expenses for businesses not in Denver and makes it more difficult for small businesses to hire people.

The initiative is on the Nov. 1 ballot.


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