BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – Boulder police say there are dozens of victims of a flasher who have yet to come forward.

Police arrested Alexander Davison, 20, Saturday on indecent exposure charges. He told police he can’t stop flashing women.

So far two women say they were flashed in the area of North Broadway, but police say Davison has admitted to exposing himself to between 60 and 70 women over the past few weeks.

According to the two women who filed police reports, the victims accused Davison of exposing his genitalia from the fly of his shorts while walking along a bicycle path. Police eventually tracked the suspect down at his house where he volunteered to officers that he had been “exposing himself recently on the bike path,” according to the police report.

The report goes on to say that Davison told police during an interrogation that he began walking along the bike path with his genitals exposed on four to five times a day for two weeks prior to being questioned. He told police that he took an interest in public nudity over the summer, and that once he began flashing women, he couldn’t bring himself to stop.

“Davison stated that on several occasions he wanted to quit ‘but could not’ and knew that ‘something would have to happen to make him quit,'” the report said.

He added that he would feel aroused as a result of women seeing him exposed, and that he would go home and pleasure himself afterwards, but that he never felt the urge to come in contact with his victims.

Police are asking the women to file reports. Currently Davison is charged with just two counts of indecent exposure for the women who have come forward, but that could be increased based on how many more victims identify themselves to police.

Davison was released on $2,000 bond on Monday. Click here to see the entire police report.


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