EVERGREEN, Colo. (CBS4)- An Evergreen woman is trying to save an elk that is in a tangled mess. The elk has what appears to be a clothesline twisted in its antlers.

The animal has been spotted around Evergreen recently.

Deb Meyer said she’s concerned the elk will wander into a remote area and get stuck. She launched a Facebook page called “Help the Elk” and called wildlife officers to help untangle the line.

The Division of Parks and Wildlife said the animal can eat, breathe and see fine and that tranquilizing it may do more harm than good.

“It’s always tricky and you don’t always know how an animal will react to it. Sometimes they run off. Sometimes they lay right down. Sometimes they charge an officer. Sometimes they can have a medical reaction that is more detrimental to them than having that clothesline on there,” said Division of Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill.

This is mating season and wildlife officials said it’s not uncommon for male elks to get into some tangled trouble. Most manage to free themselves by rubbing their antlers against trees.

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  1. dan says:

    Elks antlers fall off every winter so it’s very likely the elk will be free of this nuisance by spring. Despite Ms. Meyer’s good intentions she should educate herself about the animals she wants to help before she feels the Division of Parks and Wildlife “blows her off.”

    Ms. Meyer if you really want to help wildlife maybe you shouldn’t be a part of the suburban sprawl that is Evergreen which does more to threaten wildlife by displacing them from their natural habit. Not all of us Coloradans have the affluence show how much we value our states natural beauty by encroaching upon it with our million dollar homes.

    1. Deb M. says:

      I don’t have a million dollar home, nor do many other Evergreen residents. I don’t resent those who do though, because their taxes support our community and help pay for the protection of our wonderful, natural beauty here. I only moved here 1 1/2 years ago, into a home built in 1983, so I didn’t cause this “suburban sprawl.” Many of our homes have been here for a long time – the area I live in was homesteaded in the 1800’s. We take great pride in our elk and deer herds and co-habitate as best we can given modern life. One of the reasons we chose Evergreen to be our home was that it doesn’t have the traffic and shopping malls in the Denver area. To truly protect this or any other state’s natural beauty, everybody living in it would have to up and leave with everything they built. Are you willing to do that? Where is it acceptable in your mind to live? We are firm believers that new building should halt and existing structures, whether here or in the city, should be renovated and used or torn down and the land restored to a park or other natural area. We do not like strip malls and would prefer that any area retain as much space for wildlife as possible. I have educated myself about wildlife, I worked for a conservation organization back in New York for many years after earning my degree in that field. I spoke to people about the DOW and am becoming very educated about how they operate. They tranquilized another bull elk in 2009 and cut off its antlers because it was bothering the golfers. Is that what you think their job is, to protect golf courses and golfers from the elk? I understand they have a difficult job balancing wildlife and human habitation, but telling me that an elk who is entangled in metal and cords is “just fine” is ridiculous. It is because we are in close proximity to them and they to us that we have an obligation to intervene and help wildlife when necessary. Fortunately, as of Tuesday night, this elk had lost a lot of this clothesline. The best that can come out of this situation is for people to be aware that we have to remove anything that we can from around our homes and everywhere else that can endanger these animals. I am happy that you are so concerned for the well-being of our wildlife and have shared your opinion..

      1. Lori B says:

        I also live in Evergreen, 20 years now full time( family has been here over 80 years and are colorado natives….) What Our elk and deer don’t need is bleeding hearts like you ( a year and a half in evergreen and you know what’s best for them!) You are whining to get your 15 minutes of fame ( maybe that’s a New York thing). You are CLEARY unedulcated about Elk and the DOW. That Bull with his metal and cord on his antler took out a 12 point bull the week after your story. Dropped him dead. It seem he IS JUST FINE and doing what he should be in rut. That debris is not affecting him at all. I spent over 6 hours on Friday 9-30 with that bull and 3 others plus the harem in my front yard on the creek, watching people just like you chase them up and down the creek trying to get close and take the pretty picture of the big elk. They finally cornered him so bad for so long and would not let the herd move on that he attacked a car ( THAT IS ANIMAL ABUSE not the clothesline….) then started threatening the people that were treating him like an amusement park attraction. That’s when I had to call the sheriff in. They were able to finally let the elk herd cross the highway and move on. For throwing your degree around you sure can show how little you are aware of natural wildlife behavior. Gossip and 2 year old news stories are a great education in the local wildlife. The Golf course comment only shows your ignorance. That elk was agressive to people all over evergreen, it just liked the golf course. The DOW intervenes only as a last resort when the animals get agressive with people. it is sad they had to remove antlers from an elk that would have fallen off anyway, but that is sure better than hearing a resident was gored or killed. That Bull elk really is Just fine and EVERGREEN will be even finer when people like you stop forcing their ideas onto our wildlife. What’s next in your campaign, our bears or mounatin lions?

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