DENVER (CBS4) – The Better Business Bureau is investigating a Fort Collins company after hearing dozens of complaints.

Front Range Brew Tours offers a driving tour the stops at multiple breweries. Their ad boasts full behind-the-scenes access and samples from each brewery.

John Wolfe is one of many customers who say they have paid for the tour online and that the tour bus never showed up.

Wolfe and six friends paid $297 for the tour and were told to meet in front of Union Station on a Saturday morning. He says he signed up for the tour through Denver Daily Deals, an online coupon site.

The group waited an hour with no sign of the driver.

“Finally a security guard came out of Union Station and told us that groups had come the last two weeks and did the same thing and no one showed up,” said Wolfe.

After that Wolfe walked across the street to Wynkoop Brewing Company, which was supposed to be one of the stops on the tour.

“I asked them if they knew anything. They weren’t even open. And they said ‘We don’t have anything scheduled today,’ ” Wolfe said.

The brew tour has a Facebook page that is filled with less-than-complimentary comments like, “Grade A rip off artists,” You didn’t show up,” and “SCAM. SCAM. SCAM.”

The company phone number has a message stating they’ll get back to callers in 72 hours. Wolfe says he has been calling for months and has yet to hear back.

“I’m a pretty honest guy. I expect honesty back,” said Wolfe.

Officials with the Better Business Bureau say it’s always a good idea to research a company thoroughly before making any purchases online.

Comments (4)
  1. JT says:

    The Better Business Bureau is a joke. No enforcement capability or authority whatsoever. Might as well kiss that $$ goodbye, cause the BBB can’t do squat to get it back. You would’ve been better off going to the Troubleshooter for help!

  2. Nunna says:

    Troubleshooter filed for bankruptcy. He’s busy.

  3. Jeff Kaszubowski says:

    I actially went on this tour in June and it was horrible and sent them a nasty email and they offered to refund my money. They never did I went to the Troubleshooter and he said they would call but they never followed up with me I think they just had my on the air for their show. I would not put too much faith in the Troubleshooter helping you I have an email from this brew tour offering me a full refund but it does not matter as they are not responding to anyone.

  4. Sara says:

    I had a similar experience with Colorado Brew Tours. I purchased a Groupon for the tour and paid additional for a limo upgrade, but I was never picked up by the limo or the shuttle. I attempted to contact them dozens of times, via phone and email. I have not received a refund from Brew Tours for the limo and they claim I never paid them, despite the receipt and bank statement as proof of payment. I currently am working with the BBB and hope this is resolved quickly. Groupon was awesome and offered me a full refund for the tour. Now, it’s just a matter of getting the $250 for the limo upgrade refunded. DON’T USE COLORADO BREW TOURS!!!!

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