SUPERIOR, Colo. (CBS4) – It was a close call for a Subway customer in Superior. While he was picking up some dinner at the shop on Coalton Drive a car suddenly came out of nowhere and slammed through the front window.

Rex Seader was the only customer inside at the time. The Mercedes sedan narrowly missed his booth and ended up in the back of the shop, crushing tables like paper.

“The window shatters (and a) car hits the table I’m sitting at,” Seader said. “It’s that quick; not much time to react.”

Seader was treated and released from an area hospital with just a few scratches.

Police ticketed the 48-year-old female driver for careless driving. The driver and two children in the car were wearing their seatbelts. They were not hurt.

  1. SRV says:

    Pull her licesnse. She’s OBVIOUSLY not taking her responsitbilities as a driver seriously. She was “that” far from being a killer of an innocent person because of it.

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