Editor’s Note: This story originally aired in a 2010 edition of the CBS4 program Colorado Getaways.

DENVER (CBS4) – It’s the chance to gather for a few hours on a Saturday, chat, drink some good wine and eat at some of Denver’s best restaurants.

Culinary Connectors is a little company that puts together gourmet excursions in Denver giving foodies the chance to experience the best and discover the new.

“We look to elevate your culinary world by bringing you to restaurants, gourmet shops, ethnic markets, farms around the Denver area,” said Becky Creighton with Culinary Connectors.

“Particularly with the restaurant events we have the ability to take you into the kitchen with the chefs and they will prepare a small taste for you and pair it up with a wine.”

Table 6 at 6th Ave. and Corona was the first stop on a recent tour. Chef Scott Parker put together a succulent dish of striped bass and a delightful wine.

Luca d’Italia at 7th Ave. and Grant featured Chef Frank Bonanno’s handmade, home cured meats paired with a delicious Chianti.

frank bonnano Culinary Connectors Is A Treat For Your Taste Buds

Frank Bonanno (credit: CBS)

“Basically every single thing on the plate we make,” said Bonanno.

Each chef takes the time to chat about their philosophy and their food.

Fruition chef Alex Seidel put together an amazing risotto with duck and another great wine. It’s all about trying something new and different.

alex seidel Culinary Connectors Is A Treat For Your Taste Buds

Alex Seidel (credit: CBS)

“It truly gives you the experience of tasting the food and the wine together and how wonderful that can be,” says Creighton. “And you also have access to the chefs to be able to ask them questions about their culinary experience, where they’ve trained. So it really gives you the ability to kind of get in the kitchen with the chefs.”

The tour wound up at Panzano where Executive Chef Elise Wiggins finished things off with a meal worth licking the plate.

These tours from Culinary Connectors are $139 a person. That includes transportation, four restaurants and wine.

To learn more visit their website at culinaryconnectors.com or call (303) 495-5487.

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