DENVER (CBS4) – A die-hard Broncos fan who found what appeared to be an unbelievable deal on a set of Broncos season tickets on a ticket sharing website says he did what anyone would have done in his situation.

Fred Gallegos, of Denver, said he was scouring recently looking for a deal when he saw four Broncos season tickets for only $500.

“It was too good to be true. I had to jump on it,” Gallegos told CBS4. “If we didn’t someone else would have.”

Gallegos said he considered the listing might have been a mistake.

“The thought crossed my mind, but then again I thought perhaps it was somebody, someone’s wife in a divorce just saying ‘Fine, I’ll sell your tickets,'” he said.

Gallegos waited for the seller’s confirmation, because he knows StubHub’s policy. The website states that all confirmed orders are a binding contract and are the sellers responsiblity.

The seller confirmed the order, but StubHub wound up pulling the plug just before Gallegos had the tickets in hand.

bronco fan StubHub Pulls Plug On Broncos Fans Screaming Deal

CBS4's Jodi Brooks talks to Fred Gallegos (credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Jodi Brooks contacted the ticket vendor by phone and it turns out the seller actually made a mistake and meant to offer the tickets for $4,000 total.

“From time to time we need to step in to particular transactions,” StubHub spokesman Glenn Lehrman told Brooks. Lehrman said the seller was new to StubHub.

Brooks, vouching for Gallegos, worked a deal out with the company who said they they will get Gallegos season tickets.

“We’re going to go out and purchase tickets on our own for equal or better vantage point and pick up that cost, so Fred Gallegos is going to get season tickets to the Denver Broncos,” Lehrman said.

Gallegos, who said he’s “been a Broncos fan his whole life,” was very grateful.

The Broncos open their NFL season with a game at home against the Oakland Raiders on Monday night, Sept. 12.

  1. cauce says:

    Wow. A company that stepped up in the customer service department!
    In a world were the corporations only care about taking your money and providing ZERO customer service, I think StubHub should be commended for taking this action and making sure the seller AND the buyer both got what they wanted.

    However I still can’t figure out how someone can post 4 season tix for $500 but turn around and say they meant $4000. Even 4 tix @ $500 each is $2000. I have no idea where she got confused asking for $500.

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