DENVER (CBS4) – Ever wonder why some people never get sick, and others pick up every bug going around? A new study suggests diet may play a main role in keeping the sniffles at bay.

CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida said there’s nothing specific people need to be eating to fight off germs.

“Nothing magic — and more importantly this study really makes the extras, like vitamins and herbs, seem worthless,” Hnida said.

People are exposed to germs every day. Most of the time they never even know it and never get sick. But why? It may be because of foods like fruits and vegetables.

“There’s a scientific reason behind telling you to eat the healthy stuff,” Hnida said.

New research from the University of Minnesota shows people who have lots of antioxidants in their blood don’t get sick with colds and flu compared to those whose tanks are low in antioxidants. In the study people were literally infected with flu viruses. Scientists then stood back and watched what happened.

Those with high antioxidant levels never even knew they were exposed. The others got sick within 36 hours.

“That seems to be a key — the antioxidants need to be on board before you get exposed, not after. It’s like booster fuel to your immune system,” Hnida said.

Hnida said that also important is that antioxidants in pills are no good.

“You need the real deal to stay healthy. And once again, for a healthy immune system year round, eat healthy year round.”

For more health news, check out Dr. Dave’s blog.

  1. Paul Chenault says:

    Ha Ha.. In the clip they say to check out Daves blog on Are Vaccines Safe?
    If you read the comments,No one seems to think so

    Most have no idea how importent nutrition is.
    Most illness can be prevented thru avoiding about 80% of whats sold in stores.
    Look how many people buy food where they buy gas, basicly eating poison
    So much more to the big picture than antioxidants.
    Most store bought supplements are worthless, however there are raw organic whole food supplements that are very benefical combined with organic diet.
    Better to prevent than attempt to heal after the fact.
    Source out local organic small scale farms and taste and see the difference in quality.of produce,

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