FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – Police are investigating an apartment complex in Fort Collins after a back-to-school party got out of control.

Thousands attended the party over the weekend and four Colorado State University students were cited by police.

The Campus Crossing – Ram’s Pointe apartments advertised the party on Facebook. Residents there say they received fliers and emails about the move-in pool party but they say it was on Facebook where the word got out to thousands of people that the party was on.

“It was a Facebook event and it was pretty nuts,” a resident told CBS4.

“It was really crowded and crazy,” another resident said.

The welcome pool party organized by the apartment complex management through Facebook was meant to be a low-key gathering. Video of the thousands of party goers ended up on YouTube as well as video of the ambulances that transported at least 10 people to the hospital.

Residents say the event announced through social media along with emails and fliers may have been what drew such a large crowd.

“Like on Facebook it was definitely announced. Like there was 2,500 people who said they were attending. I don’t think 2,500 people live here,” resident Katherine Fleischman said.

Other residents decided to stay inside once they saw the sheer number of people in attendance.

“I was just hanging out in an apartment; we never came out, too many people,” Fleischman said.

The management issued a statement saying that alcohol was never provided and it isn’t allowed in the pool area. Residents say there was plenty of alcohol fueling at least one fight that forced police to put an end to the chaos.

“I know words like ‘we’ll give you six beers if you win the fight’ were tossed around,” Fleischman said.

The apartment management company says in anticipation of a large crowd it did have six security guards and Fort Collins police officers there throughout the party. Once it got out of control they say they were forced to shut it down early.

Fort Collins police say the apartment complex could be cited for violating the city’s nuisance ordinance.

Two CSU football players were among the four people ticketed by police.


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