Written by Money Saver Suzanne McCarroll
DENVER (CBS4)- The Mindful Market Mavens are an informal investment group. They aren’t stockbrokers or portfolio managers, but simply a group of women wanting to learn about the stock market.

As they learn, they choose and research stocks to invest in.

“We make decisions as a group, majority rules. Sometimes it’s unanimous, sometimes it gets kind of feisty” said Betsy Wills, one of the group’s founders.

They’ve been together since 1998 with members coming and going over the years.

“We wanted to open the club to anyone who wants to learn about the stock market,” said Wills.

The investment can be as little as $25 per month or you can opt to own a larger share of the portfolio. Last year they earned a 20 percent return on their investment.

If you’re interested in investing the women recommend betterinvesting.org to get started.

Their portfolio is diverse with investments in:
Apple Computer
Acher-Daniels Midia
American Tower Corp
Darling Int
Discover Comm A
Factset Research Sys
Teva Pharm
CVR Partners
Union Pacific
Urban Outfitters, Inc.

If you have a money saving tip that you would like Suzanne to check out, call the Money Saver tipline at (303) 863-TIPS (8477) or email her at moneysaver@cbsdenver.com. Also visit the Money Saver section for more stories about saving money for you and your family.


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