GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) – Investigators on Tuesday released the name of a man found murdered on Lookout Mountain.

Two cyclists found 69-year-old Richard Limon’s body last week on the part of the Lariat Loop between Golden and the top of the mountain. The Denver man’s daughter identified his body.

Limon’s body was found on the edge of a cliff. Police said he was stabbed to death and was found with his trousers pulled below his waist. Investigators have asked that the media not reveal certain other details.

Wilma Bialon was Limon’s neighbor at one time.

“There was a lot of problems; a lot of trouble with them over here,” she said.

Limon had a criminal record, but not a violent one. He had worked installing insulation in new homes.

“He owed a lot of people a lot of money, I know that,” Bialon said. “They were looking for him because we had people coming over asking for him when he left.”

It’s not known whether Limon was murdered on Lookout Mountain or somewhere else and his body dumped there.

“People need to understand we are not just looking for information from the 16th or 17th,” Mark Techmeyer with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department said. “We want to know who he was.”

The sheriff’s office searched a Denver home the day after the body was found last week. But the new occupants were not pleased to find their home entered when they weren’t home.

“He told me they were looking for a murder scene, but the person that they were looking for hasn’t lived here for over a year because we have lived here since November,” said Brittany Prosser, who lives in Limon’s former house.

The search warrant indicated they were seeking bodily fluids, DNA, knives or any instruments capable of inflicting a puncture, or evidence of a struggle.

Investigators know how Limon died, they just don’t know who did it or why.

Investigators asked CBS4 to withhold certain details of the crime because they have “several critical interviews” in the next few days.


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