FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – Some Fort Collins neighbors are angry after they say a crop dusting plane was flying too close to their homes.

The Federal Aviation Administration is now investigating the low flying plane. It was a crop duster hired by a sugar beet farmer. The plane flew over a field near Ziegler Road on Saturday.

Many people were awakened by the plane and began calling 911 afraid the crop duster would lose control while flying so low over homes. The residents say they filed complaints with the FAA because the pilot put them in danger.

“There was no margin for error in his flying. If anything would have happened to the plane or if he had misjudged something, he would have crashed in to our neighborhood,” resident Lee Bradford said.

Residents captured the low-flying plane buzzing over homes on their cell phones and cameras.

“Dangerous, reckless, complete disregard for persons on the ground; almost arrogance with this flying,” Bradford said.

crop dusting complaint cons Residents Near Farm Say Crop Duster Came Way Too Close

(credit: CBS)

“It was extremely, extremely scary; there were times when it really took your breath away,” resident Michelle Zeller said. “We’re not anti farming. This is more about a reckless pilot that was endangering a whole neighborhood.”

The FAA says it’s investigating to see if the pilot violated any flight regulations.

CBS4 made several attempts to contact the owner of the farm land and the farmer. Neither returned the calls.

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  1. Dale Harper says:

    once again city folks trying to change the world the have moved into ! go back to the city where you belong we like crop dusters and the farms they fly over !

  2. theonlyonly1 says:

    To those of you that are completely missing the point! This has nothing to do with “city slickers” or living in a “rural” area. This isolated farmland happens to be in the “county”, surrounded by residential in the “city” limits on three sides and a protected wildlife sanctuary on the south side with three schools very close. This is all about a tenant farmer and his crop duster acting like they are in the middle of nowhere with complete disregard to rules. The farmer has the right to farm as long as he follows all applicable rules (agriculture rules, city and county ordinances, and FAA regulations) which are all put in place for safety to all parties involved. To my knowledge, no written approval was obtained or flight plan filed, the residents in the neighborhoods were not notified, the plane did turnarounds over a congested area with a single engine plane, flew below the allowed altitudes over a congested area, and there appears to be a chemical drifting issues. Once all the investigations are completed, I have a feeling this will never happen again. The devil is always in the details! Do some research and get your facts straight. To whichone, ken2011, sue4n, and anyone else who wants to spread rumors, I’m sure you’ve heard about liable.

  3. Cathy McMahen says:

    “The farmer has a right to farm as long as he follow all applicable rules” ! Are you kidding me? Where are you going to get your food when you crybabies force the farmers to quit farming? Don”t move out of the city if you can’t handle the country life! Don’t move there and then change it to suit you! Just don’t CONGEST the rural areas and you won’t have to worry about it.

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