AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Aurora police said they have located a girl who was the subject of a statewide Amber Alert last week before it was discovered she allegedly staged her own kidnapping.

Det. Robert Friel with Aurora police said a tip led investigators to a motel in the 14200 block of East Colfax Avenue while searching for Jasmine Colleen-Ila Fike, 15.

“Since the search for Jasmine began, investigators have been working around the clock tracking down leads in this case,” Friel said in a statement.

Friel said Sgt. Joe Young with the Crimes Against Children Unit spotted a young girl west of the motel standing alone near a fast-food restaurant.

“Although she had taken steps to alter her appearance, he believed that the girl was in fact Jasmine Fike. Additional officers were requested to respond to the area to prevent her from escaping,” Friel said. “Once all escape routes were addressed, Sergeant Young approached Jasmine and took her into custody.”

Friel said Fike was in reasonably good condition and didn’t require medical attention. She’s now being held in a juvenile detention center.

Criminal charges are expected against Fike.

Comments (5)
  1. john says:

    Just a sweet innocent child like all the rest we coddle

  2. Aj Edwards says:

    Can only wonder what garbage will shake out of this event. Abuse at home? Drugs? Or just a kid wanting attention? Of course, she probably cannot afford an attorney, so guess who is paying for that? WE ARE!!

  3. jeff says:

    She probably needed that years ago! Too bad we aren’t allowed to discipline our kids anymore!

  4. ella kunadi says:

    It was obvious from the beginning that this was a runaway situation and not a KIDNAPPING! Save taxpayers money. Quit trying to “create” cases that aren’t!!!!

  5. Leslie says:

    She should spend the next decade in a work camp paying the bill for the wasted time of everyone who had to investigate this fraud. Even at 15, you have other choices besides concocting some fantastic story. Another sociopath who’s not even old enough to drive yet. Just what we need running around.

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