ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — Sugarland will play in Colorado, a day after resuming their tour in Albuquerque.

The country duo is set to play Friday night at the Comfort Dental Amphitheatre — the former Fiddler’s Green — south of Denver.

Sugarland returned to the stage in Albuquerque on Thursday, their first show since the fatal stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair.

Because the band’s elaborate set and instruments were destroyed in the collapse, Sugarland performed in front of the basic black shell of the pavilion stage, with just lights and a little smoke. They used new instruments that were delivered to Albuquerque earlier in the day.

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Comments (2)
  1. Kari Whittington says:

    I will never go to Comfort Dental Amp., no matter what the concert. Customer service is terrible, food and drinks are outrageous and livenation.com are unprofessional, not fair to customers.

    1. Alie says:

      Absolutely! Went to Def Leppard last night, received tickets from Box office (I was there before it opened; was first come first served; ended up getting the highest seat furthest away from the stage. They had the tickets upside down! When a group of us talked to management they said- F— Y– we don’t have to deal with customers like you. At the concert the Manager told us the same thing, that you get what you get and we are welcome to leave the concert if we’re not happy?!? Wow, no apology or a confession to a simple mistake!!

      Never Again-LiveNation.com and Comfort Dental Amp. have horrible customer service!!!

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