Series Of Mysterious Cat Disappearances In Lakewood

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – Some people in Lakewood are worried after a series of mysterious cat disappearances.

About a dozen cats have vanished over the past few months near the Denver Federal Center and neighbors are worried the worst may be yet to come.

“I see a cat’s paw; the whole paw,” Diana Sequin said. “It just killed me. I just cried and got on my knees.”

Sequin, an owner of four cats, was devastated last week after finding part of her neighbor’s cat in her yard. It was one of many mysterious pet disappearances in her Lakewood neighborhood at Taft and West Dakota Drive.

“It’s just a sad, sad thing,” she said.

Neighbors say they’ve lost several pets over the last few weeks. Many have put up posters hoping for the animals’ safe return.

“We have raccoons, coyotes and foxes. Sometimes larger animals like lions and bears do come into town,” Jennifer Churchill with Colorado Parks and Wildlife said.

Churchill believes there’s an easy explanation for the mystery. She says animals like foxes and coyotes are everywhere in Colorado. They prey on smaller animals, especially in the summer.

“They’re out there looking for prey items and teaching their young how to hunt. So if there are loose cats out there, unfortunately they could be become part of the process,” Churchhill said.

Curtis Moore has lost three cats, including his cat, Walter, who’s hind leg was found by his next door neighbor.

“I don’t live in the mountains, I live in the city. I’m ok with wildlife, but I don’t like them eating my pets,” Moore said.

As the posters multiply in her neighborhood, Sequin walks her cat on a leash. Other neighbors have serious questions about the mysterious animals roaming their streets.

“When they run out of pets, what are they going to attack then?” Moore said.

Wildlife experts say to be totally safe, unsupervised pets should never be allowed to run loose outside.

  • Twila Shyrock

    I live in Evergreen where we can add mountain lions to the mix. My three cats are all indoor cats and I don’t have to worry about them. Better than being torn apart by larger animals!

    • Reader

      I like my cats, but I expect them to get eaten (really) since they live outside. But what REALLY bothers me is how people get upset over their animal friends (pets), but turn a blind eye to all the human suffering going on. Your country is murdering civilians for example (children) by the bucket load in Libya right now, and blowing the smithereens out of families in Pakistan. Compare the two events: animals eating animals or humans (American) killing humans (brown skinned, as usual). Which should upset us the most?

      • MichaelG

        For Robert Smith: I happen to be a Muslim myself, of the sufi orientation, since 1981. You have no clue what you’re talking about, so please shut your ignorant mouth and try to learn some facts about Islam. Women DO have rights in Islam, and any American Muslim lady you speak with would tall you the same. It’s not Islam that strips women of so many rights, it’s backward, ignorant cultures that do that. That those cultures are predominantly Muslim is unfortunate. America culture has pretty much gone to the devil, so to speak, so you could say that since America is predominantly Christian, their must be a link between all the badness here and that religion. Westerners are for the most part so utterly ignorant of Islam and it’s full history. Islam has historically been far more tolerant of people of other religions, and you’d know this if you studied the history of the Ottoman Empire, Andalusian Spain, and other great Islamic societies of the past. These societies were beacons of light during the Dark Ages and at other times. You so-called experts on Islam make me sick.

      • pfwag

        Blind eye? Bucket load?

        Muslims, including those in Libya, are killing people by the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS, maybe even MILLIONS, per year and you have the gall to complain about America?

        Which should get you more upset?

      • a non

        the civilians shouldn’t get in the way, if they’re really civilians. the only reason civilians are being killed is because they can’t be trusted. children and women cry out for an American soldier to help them, only to blow themselves up killing the soldier or they end up shooting the soldier. let’s be realistic, if it comes down to it would you kill or be killed? and let’s be even more realistic, people have a personal and deep attachment to their pets, they don’t have that attachment to people who may or may not pose a threat to our daily lives. I’d be a million times more devastated if my animal were killed than if I watched an American soldier blow up a town full of “innocent” people in Pakistan.

      • John

        I agree Reader. It’s messed up pathology. I think it’s related, we know we are ruthless cold killers with drones and rockets, so we try to make up for it by taking care of some little animal.

      • gordon kuhne

        Well said. Americans awareness of how our government is sponsering wars all over the world. In my opinion, The U.S. government are the real terrorist.

      • Mohammed

        And your country has supported the nuclear arms buildup and countless hundreds of thousands of deaths through Islamic terrorism and arms proliferation. Cut your own head off next time!

      • Dona

        Shut up….

      • Robert Smith

        Let’s face it; The Muslims on the other side of the globe HATE us, our country, and our way of life (yet they still want to be like us, go figure). Ultimately, it is going to come down to either us or them. I am tired of all this PC bullpucky we put up with nowadays. If the Muslims want jihad against us, let’s let them have it! Guess who would win w/o the PC police tying our hands? (and it would be a LOT cheaper in the long run too!)

      • Matt Al Waysrite

        Excellent. I’m in. Not sure why we odds on the other discussion though ..

      • Joe Blow

        Let’s do away with America now; oh, I forgot a brown-skinned man is the president and in which country, Pakistan or Libya, can *you* post so openly as here in the hateful US?

      • Obama bin laden

        30 wars in the world right now and 28 of them are Muslim wars. Who is terrorizing who? Who is killing children by the bucket load? Who is blowing families to smithereens? Puh-leeeeze!

      • Robert Smith

        Hate to say this, but in the end it is going to be EITHER Islam -OR- America, not both. Last time I checked, Muslim women had next to no rights. That ALONE should be enough evidence to persuade any free person on the planet. Liberal Americans had better pull their collective heads out of their behinds and wise up, else we cede our freedoms and way of life to the oppressive Muslims.

      • MichaelG

        Amen Reader. So many people these days put SO much love on their pets (animals) as a substitute for human love. It’s amazing how so many people treat their dogs like they’re actually kids. I’m all for treating animals kindly and giving them love, but please, those of you who talk to their dogs like they really understand or have a clue, get help.

      • JBMW

        @ MICHAELG – the reason is animals will love you unconditionally, humans will not. Things are so bad in the country, not just with the economy and all the “govermental” issues, but there are roving gangs of savages running around beating and robbing people, stealing, vandalizing, etc.

      • Armed Patriot

        MichaelG… Sorry but your tolerance of others in bs. Your prophet Mohammed, peice of sh1t be upon him, was a ruthless murderer and a child rapist. Here are some quotes from your fabulously tolerant holy books…

        Sura 2:187 “And kill them wherever ye shall find them”

        “Kill the disbelievers wherever we find them.” (Sura 2:191)

        “The infidels are your sworn enemies.” (Sura 4:101)

        Sura 4:89 “seize them and slay them wherever you find them.”

        “The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger…will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land.” (Sura 5:33)

        “Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends.” (Sura 5:51)

        “Infidels are those who declare: ‘God is the Christ, the son of Mary.’” (Sura 5:17)

        “Infidels are those that say ‘God is one of three in a Trinity.’” (Sura 5:73)

        Sura 9:005: So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush”

        “Make war on the infidels who dwell around you.” (Sura 9:123)

        Sura 9:29 “Fight against such as those to whom the Scriptures were given [Jews and Christians]…until they pay tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued.”

        Sura 9:73 “Prophet make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home.”

        Sura 9:123 “O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you”

        Sahih Bukhari 004.52.176 “The Day of Resurrection will not arrive until the Moslems make war against the Jews and kill them, and until a Jew hiding behind a rock and tree, and the rock and tree will say: ‘Oh Moslem, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!’

        “When you meet the infidel in the battlefield, strike off their heads.” (Sura 47:4)

        “Mohammed is Allah’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the infidels.” (Sura 48:29)

        “Prophet, make war on the infidels.” (Sura 66:9)

        Take you foriegn catbox religion back to the ninth century with you. I dipeveryone of my 20,000+ rounds of ammo in bacon grease… just in case.

        See you on the battlefield, my friend… Ummm I mean derka, derka.

      • MichaelG

        Armed Patriot: you should arm yourself with truth rather than guns, because in the end it’s the only thing that’ll save your hide. Not that you’ll do it. Like most of your ilk who are ignorant about Islam, you take a handful of verses out of nearly 7,000 verses, and claim that they are the bottom line about Muslim belief. Your ignorance is so deep, I doubt I could find the bottom of it with a plumb line. Those particular verses were primarily aimed, as other well known writings point out, at the non-Mulsims who lived during the time of Prophet Muhammad, and were violently persecuting him and his brethren. There are millions of Muslims living in America now (upwards of 5 million) and not more than a handful of them actually look at those verses the way do, and they KNOW their religion. Crawl back into your dark hole where at least you’ll be comfortable, and keep the teaching of Islam to others who know and dare to speak the truth about it.

      • Armed Patriot

        MichaelG … Save your insults, I have read the Koran, or Qur’an if you prefer. Your catbox religion commands, COMMANDS you to kill or subjugate the Jews and Christian. If you dont, you are not following the COMMANDMENTS of your catbox religion of death. Are you not a good muslim killer, following the COMMANDMENTS of your UNHOLY BOOK or not??? Either you follow your COMMANDMENTS or you are not a good muslim, this the satanic koran commands. Even the nation of (catbob religion) Islam leader said yesterday… the Fort Hood Shooter, Captain Naser Jason Abdo, “he is not the terrorist, he was “Just a Good Muslim Who Was Driven Crazy by the Terrorist Americans” and following the koran. Your Imam is our anti-Christ. Your “salvation” is our appocalypse. You are worshiping the devil but are not intelligent enough to see it. Sorry for you “my friend” but you are on the wrong road. Your prohet was a murderous thug, a child rappist, while our savior was against harming one another, your holy text is FULL of death and hatred, while ours is full of love and forgiveness.

        Sorry “my friend” but I am tired of peace and forgiveness while I see your catbox religion plotting and attempting to destroy OUR way of life. I am all full of letting bygones be bygones but your religion has waged HOLY WAR on the US. I say nuke all Islamist countries. to the point of th stone age, drill here, drill now, and let islam thrive in the dust.

        If you want to ne a true islamist, why dont you sign up with the taliban… I think they need your help.

      • Sufiism HA!


        HAHAHA Sufi… Really… Sufi.. I had the unfortunate experience on a business trip of sharing a week in a Marriott Hotel with you stinky things when you had your gathering in SLC… Looked like a bunch of white hippies to me.. Not a dark skinned or eastern person in the bunch… Just a bunch of dirty old hippies with flowers in their hair… maybe 500+.. Besides that NOT A SINGLE other Muslim religion even acknowledges that Sufism is “islamic”… Go back to your commune and smoke some more dope while you grow vegetables. Because that’s about all the pamphlets were about.. Join this commune join that commune… How about one for personal hygiene.. How about one for manners like not having 500+ barefoot people walking in the lobby of a 4 star hotel after prayer. Or do not chant while throwing water over your face and the whole lobby bathroom behind you.. And a conference room is not a mosque for prayer.. Although i did immensely enjoy rearranging 500+ pairs of sandals lined up outside while you were in service….

      • Armed Patriot

        Sufiism HA! … LMFAO… really… I did. Death to islamists, However pure or minute they might be. Its the survival of the US and they waged holy war.

      • PsyHawk

        Maybe if you write to Obama, he’ll listen to you. Surely he is different than the last guy.

        Maybe he can relate to those “brown skinned” people as you pointed out since he is brown skinned himself. Or are you really saying something else?

        Did you vote for him? If so, perhaps you should be mad at yourself.

      • Oscar Alvarez

        Hear Hear! Reader

      • Elroy Jetson

        The communist Democrats are the murderers not the American people. If we had a choice, we would not be killing anything but cats, ahem, because of the extinct birds of course.

      • Walter

        You need to get out more.

      • MW

        I, too, find cats a tasty entree.

      • ZZ

        I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

      • Pete Harms

        You Mushroom……you dont deserve the freedom you have.

    • clark howard

      Wow, are people with cats really this stupid?
      Don’t feed the wildlife, and they won’t come around so much.
      And yes, they’ve carried off little children, too.
      People who live near the edge of town should have dogs, big dogs, not cats.

      • John

        Or just not own pets at all. Why are pets necessary?

        Outdoor cats kill lots of birds and can actually make some kinds of birds extinct.

        Keep your cats indoors, and don’t let them breed.

      • Matt Al Waysrite

        John, what birds have gone extinct because of domestic cats? You know you can’t just lie like that. It shows your charactor .. or lack of ..

      • LuckyStar61


        Sound advice for you to follow, too – stay inside and don’t breed. Pets are better friends than most humans.

      • J Wilson

        The Domestic cat is considered an invasive species. World wide it ranks as #38 in the Top 100 List. Here’s the link:

      • Jim Clark

        Many islands have been wiped clean of native animal life by feral cats. Professional hunters/trappers have to be hired to kill off the cat population. Then native species can be re-introduced. A limited version of that happens often in larger land area ecvosystems.

        Amazing that people who will preach co2 footprint to you will also let their little kitties trash the environment.

      • Normal Dude

        Awesome. Twila says something completely rational and a bunch of trolls emerge with snarky remarks.

        Sheesh… Go outside, talk to your neighbors and work on your people skills. Perhaps you could try something novel: start seeing things from someone else’s perspective.

      • elda

        Matt…he lies because his leadership lies. He has been taught to lie to get what you want.

    • john

      GO cat killer,make the world safe for the birds, squrrels,chipmunks. Keep you dang cat inside and he will not be “mistaken” as a food source

      • PaM

        So you like squirrels? they take down trees by chewing away. Good for you! Everyone in my hood kills them. What birds can you identify. Probably a total of five and they include the common crow and sparrow. You are a fraud.

    • Glen

      Anyone given any thought to witchcraft being practiced out there in the woods near Lakewood, Colorado? We are approaching that time of year! Cats seem to disappear quite frequently as they are needed as the “guest of honor” at certain rituals.

      • eric

        I haven’t seen any signs of witchcraft…but a new “Buck a Scoop” Chinese restaurant just opened in Lakewood.

      • Mike

        This is purely coyote 101. I wish I lived in the town I love hunting coyotes. Night Scope on silenced .22 rifle and a kitten call, I’ll be knee deep in dead coyotes in an hour.

      • ZZ

        Yeah, I saw a coyote building an altar and chanting a spell under candle light last night. That’s it. It must be coyote witches. Or worse yet, satanic coyotes!

    • chris

      ever seen ‘Gummo’? Check this movie out and the mystery will be solved, plus it’ll prob change yer life

    • Jimmy

      Anyone checked out the Chinese restaurants?

      • Pam

        wow what racists will say when they know no one knows who “you are”. Chinese restaurants should throw you and yr wife out when you dine, next time! Or do you say “I hate Mexicans but sure love Jose and his wife, the best food in town” so those MX folks get a pass when millions of others picking your lettuce and getting farm produce to YOU, don’t. Shameful. The subject is fox and or coyote taking yr cats. But racists and bigots love to make it a hate-fest everytime.

    • Guy

      Are there any Chinese Restaurants nearby?

      • ZZ

        Ever notice that there is always a chinese restaurant within a block of a veterinary office? Seriously! Look for them!

    • Mark Moore

      Any new Chinese restaurants in town?

    • Armed Patriot

      John, If I saw you and my dog floating down a river, one would surely die, I would save my dog and let you drown. I love my dog more than my own (grown) kids. She has never argued, back-talked or said a foul word to me she listens to every word I tell her, is obedient and trustworthy. I would put her life above ANY human. I would suggest that ignorant (Why are pets necessary?) people like you stay indoors and dont breed as well. As for the cats??? Not a big fan but I understand the sentiments of the owners. I would suggest looking in the Chinese, Laotian, and Vietnamese resteraunts for your cats. Here Kitty, kitty, kitty.

      • Pam

        You were fine John until you had to cave and join the bigots. Don’t go to any Vietnamese restaurants because your hatred of the culture will set alarms off at the door. I know. You are a sneaky carry out kinda guy….but still you enjoy this hate fest and the subject WAS “disappearing cats” not you and the others getting off on your hatred of Muslims (or love of them) and all the other hate mongering. I think you folks should buy Cheney’s book while we are off subject? because he sure hated that Blacks like Condie Rice and C Powell had the audacity to make it in Bushes administration so now to add his evil bent to more Blacks he wants us to believe Hillary would have done “different” than Obama. Sure she would have. Because hate mongering is HOW he wants to get his book OUT HERE. You folks despise anyone not like you….but go to Church don’t you?

    • Armed Patriot

      Armed Patriot

      John, If I saw you and my dog floating down a river, one would surely die, I would save my dog and let you drown. I love my dog more than my own (grown) kids. She has never argued, back-talked or said a foul word to me she listens to every word I tell her, is obedient and trustworthy. I would put her life above ANY human. I would suggest that ignorant (Why are pets necessary?) people like you stay indoors and dont breed as well. As for the cats??? Not a big fan but I understand the sentiments of the owners. I would suggest looking in the Chinese, Laotian, and Vietnamese resteraunts for your cats. Here Kitty, kitty, kitty.

      • Elroy Jetson

        Then surely, you would be charged with a crime for not helping a drowning man and, probably go to hell for it as well. You are a sick person.

      • Nik

        Oh PATRIOT you would say that about anyone you had sex with on a regular basis?

      • ZZ

        I would save my dogs before a stranger, also. Only once my dogs were safe, I would attempt to help a stranger. Good luck charging me with a crime. My dogs are my property and I would give my life for them, just as they would for me. Who was it that said the difference between a dog and a man is that if you bring a dog in off the street, give him food and shelter, it won’t bite you?

      • Barbara Narveson

        ZZ..that was Mark Twain who said that

    • AC

      Must be a new Chinese restaurant in town?

    • 14er

      sorry John, pets (I have Labrador Retrievers) are 1000 x smarter and better than people. especially the spoiled children they breed today.

      • Pam

        I almost agree but I have a special lab who swims in Clear Creek when it’s almost impossible to get any other dog in there. I like my dog to be as wild as possible. So at doggy day care, he sniffs at the pool and all the other “idiot” dogs who don’t know a real sense of freedom. The dogs reflect the yuppified owners take on how to “live” and think a bacteria laden pool is the greatest. Mine knows better. And is robust and himself, not some wussified version of a dog. I also go leashless. Some owners FREAK at the sight of a big yellow dog coming at them as they WANT to believe that all dogs are enemies. Stupid people like this do have dog fights. While leashed. I hardly go anywhere where my dog has to be shackled up. And hundreds of others taking their dog down to Lowell going EAST feel the same. NO attacks by coyotes, he runs them off at 94 pounds.

    • Morrie

      If it were me I would avoid the Chicken Fried Rice at Asian Restaurants for awhile?

    • Cris Rose

      Yes people are that stupid!!!! I own cats and work at the local shelter. Cats are a domesticated animal and do not need to go outside! My cats have never been outside and do not miss it. It’s called lazy pet owners who don’t keep their feline friends happy and would prefer they use the neighbors garden as a litter box. If people would keep cats in we wouldn’t have an over population. There are more cats then there are homes!! Maybe the people who let their cats out should spend the day at a shelter when cats have to be put down because there are too many and they would rethink doing so. Poor cats STUPID cat owners

      • UFOCprez

        I do you know that your cats don’t miss going outside. I mean really, how do you objectively quantify that statement? Yet when you let a domesticated cat outside, it instinctively knows how to hunt, kill, and eat a wild animal.

  • Steve Bradley

    It is foxes, mostly, I believe. They’ve killed one of my cats and six of my chickens. Very bold about it, too. They come in the middle of the day.

  • Laura

    “Curtis Moore has lost 3 cats.” Curtis, you’re a slow learner aren’t you? How many more cats do you need to lose before you get the point here? As for the comment about the wild animals “running out of pets” to eat, well, considering how many dumb pet owners let their pets roam around outside, there will always be plenty of pets for the wild animals to eat. Whoever thinks their pet is safe roaming around outside anywhere is just plain stupid.

    • vick

      You think they’re slow there, check out Kitimat BC Canada… these dummies have lost almost 80-100 cats since May – due to a family of wolverines. I think they should ban the owning of cats there if they are that stupid!! Keep cats indoors for THEIR own safety………………..

      • furd burfull

        where can I get a family of wolverenes? my nesxt door neighbor has 7 cats and the stench that permiates the area is criminal. I would kill them myself if I could get away with it clean. There is something desparetly wrong with someone who has MORE THAN TWO CATS. It is a mental illness and unsanitary

    • Matt Al Waysrite

      Indoor cats are prisoners. Better to be free and live a shorter life than a long life of capticity. All indoor cats stare out the windows dreaming of being free.

      • Pkpost

        I’m sure the cats appreciate that while being decapitated by a wild beast. Brilliant! Why not just prance around in circles singing “Born Free”?

      • John Fox

        What a moronic statement. My cats have the run of the house, are pampered, and get all the loving they need. Food is promptly delivered twice a day, dry food and water is always available. Their food is the good kind, grain free and nutritious. They get prompt medical attention, and have all of their shots. We just put down a cat that was 18 years old. She was fine one day, then in the span of a week had lost 6 pounds. She was miserable, and probably would have died on her own in a few more days in some corner without anyone being with her. Instead, she died with my wife and I petting and loving her.

        When you can read a cat’s mind, you can make such insipid statements. Until thing, STFU and don’t own a cat if you don’t want to.

      • Cheryl

        Oh bull, Matt. I have 5 indoor cats now. All but one were formerly feral kittens. When they’re not playing or eating, they’re lounging on the nice soft chairs in a temperature controlled environment laughing at your comment!

      • Dan

        dead on, brother! as the owner of tens of cats (if not a hundred) over my lifetime, u can definitely see a difference in cats that are restricted to indoors and those that live at least part time outside. theyre two entirely different animals. for example, one routinely hunts, kills and eats it prey while the other knows no prey other than that which comes from can or bag and will actually RUN from rodents. indeed, an indoor cat is no cat at all.

      • Twila Shyrock

        Not really worth responding to…..but our cats have lots of toys, an outdoor screen area for fresh air, no worries about being torn to pieces and last but not least, leashes. Hardly prisoners. And they’ve never killed a bird!

      • Matt Al Waysrite

        Then you live in a house the whole time. If it is so great then do it yourself. You won’t because it is cruel. Slam your heads in the sand and pretend your cats are not your prisoners if you like .. but if it would be torture for you, then who are you to say that it is not torture on others .. hypocrits.

      • Robert Smith

        Matt, I am sorry, but I am just going to say it for everyone else. You, my friend, are an idiot! That is all.

      • Matt Al Waysrite

        Robert, you are a cruel person who imprions the innocent and tries to make yourself feel beeter by telling yourself they like it.

      • Amy

        That is so untrue. I have 3 indoor cats who couldn’t be happier. Since I live close to the foothills, no way am I letting them out to be killed. Since they have never really been outside, they don’t even try to go out the door when it’s open.

    • Meow...

      I absolutely agree. An outdoor cat rarely makes it past the age of 3 or 4. Indoor cats can live up to 20 years. You do the math.

      • jbmw

        My indoor/outdoor cat is almost 10 yrs old. Happy and healthy. She is an indoor/outdoor cat because she showed up on my back porch in the rain. She was allowed to stay because we have (had now) a mole problem. She’s a good kitty.

      • Lu

        I had an indoor/outdoor cat who lived to 20. Don’t know where Meow lives that would be so hard on pets.

      • Rick

        Me too, Misty is 22 and has been indoor/outdoor (mostly outdoor lol) through the cat door…
        Hey, it is risky, but it is fair to mother nature… Cat eats some, cat gets eaten…
        I take in outdoor strays, give them a home and 2 squares a day… but they take the SAME RISK I do LOL
        We go outside!

    • Pam

      Laura: you are rare, common sensical. Yes, my cats roam in day after FOX leaves the front of the neighbors home, roam to the back yard and plop down. One hunts mice ON my property, sure love those “gifts” that I have to scoop up. She is a natural huntress. My male used to cross street but he’s stickin’ and stayin’. I never leave them out after dusk and no out before full dawn. Fox do scour the trash here on Lowell and they run from the sight of my big yellow lab. Incidentally, I don’t ever leave my dog out without me being out there. PEOPLE are worse, they aggravate the dog and they try to take him or leave gate open. I will take my chance with wild animals (have done so and they trusted me and stopped and didn’t run from me as I talk to Bighorn sheep and his harem eyeball to eyeball, rattlesnakes and big momma Moose with her baby, my own son by my side. NO fear on their part and they were very gentle. Animals know INTENTION, they make a “living” by their sense.). People are the ones who will bait, kill and trap any animal and other people will steal your dog. I think people can do worse than learn from Nature which after all shows anyone that most any animal jUST kills to eat. Rarely, does an animal get “off” by killing for fun. Rarely.

  • p Thoms

    Have any oriental restrants open in the area? Cat and dog soup is a choice item on their menu. Have you had an increase in some foreign residents?
    Just a real possibility……………

  • Bill

    Fewer cats = more birds.

    • Matt Al Waysrite

      more birds = less worms .. what is your point?

      • uisignorant

        more birds=less bugs

      • Frank

        The point is that birds and worms are natural residents of the environment. Domestic cats (who are allowed to roam) are predators not natural to the area which are imported and supported by humans.

      • Quirt

        less worms=more fish … that’s my piont

    • Cheryl

      Fewer birds = less bird poop on my car.

      • getadogalready

        Fewer humans, less posting on message boards? Just trying to follow this to it’s logical conclusion

      • Pam

        now that’s truly funny

    • catsass

      So true. I have fruit trees and berries in the back yard just for the birds but the neighbor puts out cat food and the damn cats that come around are always coming over trying to kill the birds.
      Mebby I need to get some wolverines…

    • jbmw

      More birds = more bird flu and Salmonella. I’ll take the cats.

      • Pam

        My Denver hood apparently kills crows. Thank GOD for good sense, they will drive you nuts, I almost want to get a gun. Am seeing a LOT less sparrows. Equals less reason for my cats to get a sick bird keeping us from a big Vet bill. By the way, the damned sparrows nest ON my porch, and my cats WILL get out and enjoy their own damned yard. Thank you.

      • Roger

        haha Bird Flu? We’ve reached a new low in discourse. Kudos.

  • Meg

    Ummm, why don’t these morons keep their pets inside?? Problem solved!

    • rick

      They hate it when their house smells like cat pee, so they put them outside. Cats should not be allowed to roam freely. Hey Mr. Kitty, don’t come in my yard unless you want to be on the business end of my pellet gun.

      • JBMW

        Sames goes for you Rick…don’t come in my yard unless you want to be on the business end of my shot gun.

      • Mr. Kitty's mom

        I take direct offense at your comment considering my cat is named Mr. Kitty.

    • Pam

      Because morons like you smoke, drink and think you are the only species entitled to freedom?

  • Solvay Native

    Could be an influx of Tyroleans (cat eaters) LOL

  • DebW

    Keep your cats inside. Simple solution.

    • JP

      Bad Idea. Then they’ll become prey to landsharks.

    • JRGage

      No kidding. It’s hardly a mystery either, obviously some kind of hungry wild-life. It could be a clever deviant as well, but it’s unlikely.

      Might be a good idea to get Animal Control out there with some IR Goggles though, it might be something big enough to snack on kids.

    • Patrick Stantiford

      Yup! My indoor cats routinely live to be 18-20 years old and rarely need vet care. My cats mean too much to just let them out the door.


      • Pam

        Mine don’t go to vets and roam my back yard. The only danger to them is: a stinking little Chihuahua squeezing through the fence or a dead sparrow or nasty crow dying on my side of the fence. My cats deserve flowers, grass and sunlight. It’s not healthy to breathe INDOOR air even for people Pat, don’t you know that?

    • jim

      …In other news, Lakewood Chinese Restaurant Asian Buffet, offering a new Schezuan Lunch Special!

    • Kimberly Scott-Marsden

      I’s nor dogs should be left out to run around outside alone, unless they are in a fenced in yard.

  • RedGrandma

    I remeber reading a report that you reduce your cat’s life expectancy by 40% if you let it run loose. It has to face cars, dogs, wild animals and even some sick humans. That’s a huge risk which I have never been willing to take with my pets. No pet lover should.

    • Matt Al Waysrite

      I love my pet enough to let it be free. You think everyone has your values of living on one’s knees vs dying on yoru feet. Keeping a cat as a prisoner with a life sentence is cruel.

      • Frank

        Well goody goody for you. Other people happen to love the natural little critters that live outside. Not keeping you darlling cat under control is like importing a little thrill-killer into the neighborhood and letting him loose on the natives.

      • Matt Al Waysrite

        @Frank .. people kill more than cats you know. Humans thrill kill, cats do not. Also, there are no more natives, the world isn’t that way any longer. The “little critters” will actually get stronger with the cats taking out the weaker and sick of the species. That’s how it works chump, i know it’s hard to take, but that is life. Like your weak little self would never make it in the natural world. A stronger more capable being such as me would dominate you. You would be my food or forced to be my mate. Accept your position on the ladder of life.

      • Unknown-1-2-3

        Matt I take care of unwanted animals in my yard. I live trap them and have the county Animal Control pick them up. Wild animals like skunks and raccoons are put down before they leave my property. Trespassing pets (i.e. cats) are taken to the county shelter. There they are fed and scanned to see if their owner put an ID chip in the animal. These services are paid by my taxes and the $$$ I pay each year for my various dog licenses, a fee cat owners refuse to consider paying. If the cat owners are not found or they do not pay the ~$50+ fine incurred by their rooming animal, after a couple of weeks it’s put down. And then the cycle repeats itself. This happens several times a year on my property. Funny thing, my wife’s cats have each died peacefully inside, except for one that ran out the front door and got run over by a car. When we found it 8 hours later, all the kings men could not put that cat back together again. In the nearby country they just shoot these unwanted predators, especially when they get close to chickens or bunnies. So Matt your definition of freedom has a price.

      • SteveMc2

        Are you saying that living with you is like a life sentence in prison?

      • BillyBaloo

        I’m for cat leash laws. you can’t feed the firds in my neighborhood for the cats. They make a special effort to deficate in my mulshed flower bed and then my dogs dig it up and eat it. Keep you friging cat at home if you love it. I have been trying to find a way to tell my lovely cat loving neighbors to eat !@#$%^&

      • Pam

        Free to put up with the likes of the ones replying to you, Matt. Mine love the deck, the weeds (hiding and pouncing) and the cat nip I plant. The lousy squirrels give my big Lab a run for his money and prob. expose all of us to disease. Birds are nice if they are truly songbirds or real birds, not disease carrying nuisances that abound here in the city…my cats reign.

    • oracle2world

      So? There are plenty of cats to take their place.

      • mhos

        Actually sounds like a great way to handle overpopulation of unwanted animals. Let them out in the Lakewood neighborhood, and the wild critters get a chance at life too!

      • heatherfeather


        Plenty of trolls to take your place.

      • ti cajun

        Don’t eat the tamales.

    • cccc

      That is nice if you have one or two but I have 7 outside that a Momma cat left for us.We fixed them and care for them but there are too many to be inside.My oldest outside cat is the Momma cat and she is 12yo.

    • Tesseract

      I keep mine inside MOSTLY because of sick humans. There are a lot of so-called people out there that despise cats. Case in point: the trolls below.

  • denverjim

    ANYONE is allowed into this enabling, sanctuary state.

    • Robert Smith

      Isn’t THAT the truth!!! Go back to Kalifornia and take your politics with you! If your parents weren’t born here, you shouldn’t be here either. GO CO NATIVES!!!

    • Robert Smith

      Isn’t THAT the truth!!! Go back to Kalifornia and take your politics with you! If your parents weren’t born here, you shouldn’t be here either. GO CO NATIVES!!!

    • Robert Smith

      @ Denverjim:
      Isn’t THAT the truth!!! Go back to Kalifornia and take your politics with you! If your parents weren’t born here, you shouldn’t be here either. GO CO NATIVES!!!

  • Nick Pacific

    “When they run out of pets, what are they going to attack then?” Moore said.
    – ummm, OTHER small animals?

  • croashun

    Darwin strikes again!

    • Rick

      Yeah, people just don’t get reality… but we all have great opinions… :)
      oh well…

      • Rick

        BTW, I am NOT the rick up above with the pellet gun… But, I do have a pellet gun – paper targets mostly, certainly no pets…

  • M 1

    Why do cat owners think they have the right to let their nasty little fleabags wander unchecked?

    • Matt Al Waysrite

      It is in the bill of rights .. look it up ..

      • ex-infantry

        Please specify which of the first 10 Constitutional Amendments has anything to do with pets.

      • eric

        Yeah, Matt, where is that? You know you can’t just lie like that. It shows your charactor .. or lack of ..

      • Unknown-1-2-3

        Matt – look up the website for (a fake supplier of cat meat). Nevertheless they have a couple of recipes you might use when your cat(s) don’t make it back home……

    • Matt Al Waysrite

      excellent eric … mine was a joke … yours?

    • cepe

      The same rights that let a dirt bag like yourself roam free

  • A.E. Newman

    George Bush did it, ask Obama.

  • Matthew S King

    Alf is alive and apparently eating well in Lakewood.

    • Jabba Nator

      The Melmacian invasion has begun!

  • lostcat

    maybe it’s Bob Barker, getting the ones that aren’t spayed or neutered.

  • MarlinP

    This has nothing to do with the new Chinese buffet that just opened.

    • brian

      I came here for this, I am not disappointed! lol

    • Sam

      It’s chicken dude, don’t chickens have tails too?

      • Roger Drew Williams

        Cat actually tastes much more like beef.

    • Ed Cole

      So that’s my fortune cookie from there last night read: “That Wasn’t Chicken.”

  • Windyplace

    It’s nature trying to find a balance among humans. Can’t happen. Humans are to detached from reality. Cats are slowly depleting the bird populations and reduce the numbers of traditional food for predators such as rodents.

    • Matt Al Waysrite

      Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha …. seriously .. you’re killing me with that comment ..

      • uisignorant

        Tell that to the extinct Hawaiian ground nesting birds. 78% are gone from the last thing I read. It was contributed to the d@mn house cat!

      • Matt Al Waysrite

        @uisignotant – funny your name is you .. watch this, from your own statement .. “extinct Hawaiian ground nesting birds. 78% are gone … ” That is priceless .. THEN THEY ARE NOT EXTINCT!! Ha .. bozo ..

      • uisignorant

        78% of the species, now go clean the litter box!

      • Matt Al Waysrite

        Keep changing your facts … they seem a bit suspect to me know .. I disreagrd your comments now as all false since you are changing and manipulating things ..

      • uisignorant

        Learn to read, and then we will have a conversation.

  • keith

    people so soon forget that they’re living in what is essentially the home of widlife. You kicked them out to build your fancy home, yet now you complain when they are around and following nature, hunting and eating your pet? If you don’t want them to disappear, then keep them inside. You don’t have to have a cat to let it outside. I have an indoor cat and it is quite content with being inside all the time….and I have coyotes, racoons, possums, and bobcats, with the occassional mountain lion around at times, so it is a pretty simple solution

  • tdrag

    The latest Obama food program for the losers in life’s lottery.

  • 123

    It sounds absurd to suggest that a coyote, fox or bear would be killing a large number of cats. (Leave it to a government worker to suggest something so ridiculous.) Cats are predators themselves with top notch survival skills and agility. Just think about it. It’s more likely these cats are being sacrificed via local occult groups, but I know most everyone thinks that is nonsense because it doesn’t fit their world view.

    • 456

      Absurd is right, the occult part that is. if you can’t imagine a coyote taking out 80 cats then try imagining 10 coyotes and see if that clears things up for you. And as far as cat’s having top notch skills – just cause they may be good at taking out songbirds and mice doesn’t mean they can stand up to a creature that hunts for a living.

    • Pikes Peak

      umm………so, not to rain on your crazy parade, but there was a cat head in my yard last week. . . . I live about 60 miles from Lakewood. Only common factor in the instances in Lakewood and where I live: We have wild animals and people leave their cats outside.

      • SteveO

        But it’s not like these wild animals just arrived, or people just started leaving their cats outside, so why are these cats disappearing now?

    • BeauW

      Here in MD, one of the first signs of Coyotes moving into an area is the disappearence of small pets…particularly housecats.

    • 333

      I lived on Maui, where there are wild cats everywhere due in part to polynesians not really caring about cats and political correctness where no one wants to say anything bad about locals. I often met a satanist in a coffee shop there who once said, ‘I wish God would get the f#%@ off of my back & let me do what I want.’ A security guard told me he heard cat screams coming from where he & another satanist lived. While at a University in MT I remember a fraternity sacrificed a cat & black cats are often not sold around Halloween time all over the US. This happens often people, esp as the occult grows & Christianity is mocked.

  • Rick

    Hey lefties…take a lesson out of life.
    Nature contrary to your ideology is not very nice, or fair. No social justice with nature.
    Nature will just as soon leave a leg behind and let you imagine the rest.
    Think about that while you sit in fascination watching some idiot live 50 feet in the air on an electrical tower for days and feed him hamburgers.
    Think about it when you see food stamps given out to the obese while they rest of us starve without jobs because of your savor Obama.

  • Bubba

    Somebody should call 720-385-9107 and tell them to take down their reward posters. I believe a coyote has probably turned that kitty into turds. No mystery there.

  • Crosscut

    Check the ethnic restaurants. Cat Chow anyone?

  • buford

    CAT – The other white meat.

    • Cat Hater

      That’s funny right there

      • Unknown-1-2-3

        See for a couple of recipes

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