Good Question: Who Inspects Stages In Colorado?

DENVER (CBS4)- The safety of stages is in focus across the country following the tragic collapse at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis that killed five people.

More On Questions linger after Indiana stage collapse

In Colorado, it’s up to building inspectors to look at the issue.

Smaller, portable stages at the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo don’t receive inspections. The larger stage at the fair is permanent. It’s not subject to inspections, either.

Big, covered stages at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park do receive inspections. Because of the threat of down bursts, Commerce City requires a licensed engineer to look at stage plans.

The engineer must accompany a building inspector who looks at the stages before issuing a permit.

  1. Bill says:

    Aside from the tragic loss of life, what really upsets me is that Jennifer Nettles, Krisitan Bush, and Sara Bareilles are going to be named as defendants in the inevitable lawsuits to come. Even though they had nothing to do with the construction of the stage or the weather, the bottom feeder plaintiffs’ attorneys will sue them because they are the big names with deep pockets. The ease at which someone can name someone else in a lawsuit in order to extort the insurance companies is shameful. Sue the people responsible, but leave those who had no control over the events out of it. In fact, in a case like this, it is questionable whether anyone is to blame. It was a freak storm. When I see dark clouds and lightning, I run for cover. I don’t need to wait for an official announcement before looking out for my own safety. Sometimes bad things happen, but that does not mean someone owes you money.

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