EDGEWATER, Colo. (CBS4) – The owner of two dogs Edgewater police say attacked a mail carrier and two officers appeared in court on Tuesday. Police said they were forced to kill one of Mario Gonzalez’s dogs.

Gonzalez struck a plea deal with the city attorney and then went before the judge. He pleaded guilty to two vicious animal charges. In exchange, four other charges were dropped. They were two counts of animal at large and two counts of failure to have a rabies license.

The judge ordered Gonzalez to pay a $780 fine.

The dogs jumped out of a screened-in window of a home near 24th and Newland Street last week at went after postal worker Brian Bogle. He dodged a dog bite. Two Edgewater police officers responding to Newland Street were also attacked. One of the officers suffered bites to the groin.

The officers killed a Rottweiler. Gonzalez surrendered a pit bull to authorities Saturday. Animal Control took the pit bull to the Foothills Animal Shelter.

“This whole investigation was a sad thing. All the officers are dog lovers and it happened in the neighborhood in front of a lot of people,” Steve Davis with Edgewater police said.

“I wish that more people would take care of their dogs and realize that we are in the line of fire of your dogs every day,” Bogle said.

Bogle stopped delivery to the Edgewater block for a week after the incident. Residents had to pick up their mail at the post office.

Gonzalez told the judge that he was very sorry about the incident and that he never expected his dogs to break through a window.


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