DENVER (AP) – There’s a move afoot to make burro racing Colorado’s official summer sport.

Republican state Rep. Tom Massey says skiing has been declared the official winter sport, so he plans to sponsor a resolution next year declaring pack burro racing as the official summer sport of Colorado.

Western Pack Burro Association spokesman Brad Wann said that donkey races are a tribute to the miners who would race back to the office with their donkeys after they struck gold to claim it.

Today’s competitions are five to 29 miles long. Competitors run alongside the donkeys, which are required to carry 33 pound packs and mining tools.

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  1. Frank Krosnicki says:

    Why abuse these animals? How about putting the 33 pound pack on the humans and let the burro run alongside them? There is no end to our idiocy and quest for enjoyment at the expense of an animal or another human being/

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