DENVER (CBS4) – A piece of the World Trade Center was in Denver on Monday.

The twisted piece of metal received military honors both when it arrived and when it left Buckley Air Force Base Monday morning.

The metal has made the trip across the country on a flat bed. The driver was at Ground Zero shortly after the terrorist attacks and says the journey is part of history.

“(It’s) emotional; words can’t even explain. Your emotions run hot and cold and there are times you want to break down and cry and there are times you just feel so proud,” truck driver John Odell said. “It would have taken dynamite to get me from taking this across.”

Odell says whenever he would stop at restaurants and rest stops he was surprised by the number of people who wanted to see the steel, and were emotionally moved by it.

Every state and several other countries will receive beams from the Twin Towers. Denver’s beams will be displayed at the “Colorado Remembers” ceremony at City Park on next month’s 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

“In those 10 years we have come to appreciate those who have sacrificed their lives and safety to protect us,” Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia said.

Most of the steel will eventually be used as a memorial in Babi Yar Park. Some of the steel will also be displayed at a counterterrorism museum near the Denver Public Library known as The Cell.


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