DENVER (CBS4) – More information has been released about the man who was shot and killed by police on Saturday morning.

Police said David Jermone Maestas broke into a Denver home, stole a car and led officers on a chase through several neighborhoods.

The robbery was at a home at 29th Avenue and Lafayette Street. The chase ended in a crash and shooting at 22nd Avenue and Downing Street. Two officers fired the shots that killed Maestas.

Detectives are still piecing together what happened and the district attorney will also review the incident. Any time there’s an officer-involved shooting the district attorney has to look over the case once the report is complete.

Maestas’ criminal record dates back to 1996. The crimes started with trespassing and burglary and became more serious as time went on. His record also shows crimes of theft, assault, drugs, parole violations, and threatening some of his victims with a gun.

Police say after Maestas broke in the house on Lafayette Street neighbors called 911 after hearing gunfire and seeing a half-clothed woman running down the street, bleeding and screaming for help.

Police confirm Maestas fired a shot before stealing the woman’s Jeep. They were able to track the Jeep because it had a LoJack device that was sending out a signal. When confronted at 30th Avenue and High Street he fled.

22nd downing shooting map Man Killed By Denver Police Had Extensive Criminal Record

(credit: CBS)

Police used a PIT maneuver, bumping the back of the Jeep with a patrol car to spin it around. Another car then pushed it into a tree at 22nd and Downing after Maestas continued to try to drive away. The entire chase lasted about three minutes.

Police say that since Maestas had a weapon and had fired shots they had permission to use extreme measures to stop him once the chase began. He had already shown dangerous behavior that was literally putting other people’s lives in danger. Witnesses said he was driving down Downing Street at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour.

Comments (10)
  1. Laura says:

    Good, another POS out of the way without costing the taxpayers money for his defense and a trial. (After all, these dirtbags almost always plead “not guilty.” I’m sick of low-lives who’ve turned this once-nice city into a sewer and a scary place to live. He deserves to be shot down. No tears from ME.

  2. tom says:

    It;s amazing what a criminal background check will turn up. I found an article one day that suggested you run criminal background checks on everyone and anyone that comes in contact with your children. So for the heck of it I ran some searches on and was shocked to find out that my kids NANNY had a criminal record! I guess it goes to show that you NEVER really know for sure who people really are!

  3. GetzBehndt says:

    Maybe a second chance would have done fine. Parolee, can’t find work? Why? Oh your a FELON. Well good luck, say hi to your kids for me..I’m not saying this guy was the type to try to make things right in life and live by the rules after prison, but many are forced into the life theyre trying to leave behind because this system is set to fail those who fell through the cracks once. Try to survive in this world without $ and nothing but time. Tell me I’m wrong & i’ll kindly shove your words back down your throat. That is all #6.

  4. GetzBehndt says:

    Laura you make me sick.

  5. Laura says:

    It’s criminals like YOU, Getz, that make ME sick. Did you bother to read the article, genius? This guy had about 20 chances, and was out running free when he took a shot at another human being. Hope he’s in hell where he belongs.

  6. Alexandra says:

    I am with Laura. Sorry.

  7. denvervet says:

    Too much of this type of thing happening.

  8. Julius says:

    WOW, what a surprise, a mex with a criminal record. NOT!!

  9. NeverSafe says:

    I’m sure his family will be trying to sue Denver PD now. Nothing but leeches!

  10. dvp1453 says:

    Another dirtbag off the streets. And he saved the taxpayers a heap of money. Sounds like a win-win to me. Medals to the officers for good marksmanship.

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