EDGEWATER, Colo. (CBS4) – A judge will decide the fate of a pit bull this week. It is one of two dogs that attacked Edgewater police officers.

The dogs jumped out of a screened-in window of a home near 24th and Newland Street last week. Officers killed a Rottweiler. The owner of the second dog just surrendered the pit bull to authorities Saturday.

Mail delivery has returned to the rest of the block after it was suspended because of the attack on a postal worker.

“I looked back and I saw the Rottweiler and a pit bull hanging half way out of the window,” postal carrier Brian Bogle said.

Bogle was moments away from every letter carrier’s worst nuisance.

“I heard the nails scratch from them jumping out of the window and I started running,” he said.

Bogle jumped onto a nearby porch swing and used some quick thinking.

“I’m swinging on this porch with mail in my hand shoving it into the dog’s mouth to try to appease it and get him away from me, he wouldn’t let me go.”

He even dialed 911.

Bogle dodged a dog bite. Two Edgewater police officers responding to Newland Street were not so lucky. They suffered bites to the groin, with one officer shooting the Rottweiler that reportedly bolted.

“We’ve got a lot of little kids in the neighborhood that could be in big trouble with those big dogs,” neighbor Jack Buthman said.

Animal Control took the pit bull to the Foothills Animal Shelter, but there’s still one loose end.

“Probably stuck my Social Security check in the dog’s mouth because I haven’t got it yet,” Buthman said.

Even though the owner of the dog turned it in to the police, he’s still in trouble. He’s facing a total of six charges of harboring vicious animals, dogs at large and no rabies tags.

The officers are back on the job, but waiting for results of the rabies test.

  1. John H. says:

    The only thing a pit bull is good for is a target.

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