LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – The husband of a Longmont woman accused of setting her parents’ home on fire with her children inside says he and his family are devastated.

taryn lynch longmont arson arrest lpd Longmont Mom Charged With Arson After 2 Fires

Taryn Lynch (credit: Longmont Police)

Police say Taryn Lynch, 28, confessed to setting two fires at the home she shares with her family, located at 433 Dickson Street.

The last fire was set a week ago. Police say she set fire to a couch in her parent’s garage.

One week earlier, Lynch allegedly took a cigarette lighter to the front seat of her stepfather’s car.

Lynch is the mother of twins.

“To put our kids’ lives in jeopardy like that along with our mom and dad, there was no way I could even read if she was depressed or mad or anything. I had no idea,” husband Dane Lynch said.

longmont fire Longmont Mom Charged With Arson After 2 Fires

Don Bennett, the suspect's stepfather, shows the damage from one of the fires. (credit: CBS)

Lynch’s family hopes that now she’s in jail she might be able to get the help she needs.

“My kids lives were at stake, my family was at stake, but also I didn’t know at the time that she was the one responsible,” her husband told CBS4. “I love my wife dearly, but they are telling me that for her to be in the jail right now is the best thing for her.”

Lynch faces felony counts of arson and child abuse. She has been ordered to keep her contact with her family to a minimum.

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